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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Window fitting for Dummies...

or rather to be precise, ONE dummy.

Friday at work went quite well and for a change, it was POETS day... well when I say that, all of half an hour but every little helps.   Buoyed by this extra "free" time, I decided to tackle the window (you'll be pleased to note my glazing chisel and nylon hammer HAD arrived that morning)

Gav from work offered some moral support so when I got home, we got straight to it.

The plan HAD been, to carefully remove the old one ... just in case we had to abort the mission for any reason.  That went out of the window (no pun) when it was proving a bit of a bugger to remove - ergo, I took a saw to it - NO GOING BACK lol.

I set my phone on video time-lapse mode and carefully balance it on some garden furniture... of course, my fat fingers hadn't actually pressed "record" - or rather HAD but on sitting it down, must have caught it again and stopped it... therefore, the first shot I  took, was when we'd chucked out the old frame.

The hardest part of removing it, was cutting the screws attaching a bit of "filler panel" to the top which was attached to the soffits.  In the end, I used my multi-tool (having already tried to force them out and as a result bending it a bit)...

The new window, is the same design as the old, but with triple glazed A+ glass MINUS the lead.   We've both hated looking through the diamond pattern since we moved in... it's akin to being in prison... I should imagine!

Amazingly, (given my measuring) the new one fitted in perfectly.  Barely any need for any spacers/wedges.  The new windowsill needed cutting down (don't know why they sent a bigger one than the window)
but that was just a quick wizz on the chop saw and job done.

Once it was in position, it was just a case of drilling 6 holes through the frame into the masonry (taking care to hit a brick rather than mortar) and then using the supplied multi-fixings and the power drill to drive them straight into the drilled holes - without plugs.  I was sceptical but they worked a treat... really easy to get in.

Putting the glass in from inside was a bit hair-raising as the beading strips DO need quite a clout with the hammer to lock it into place...  heart in mouth time but it went in OK and we're really pleased.

In total, it took around 2 hours from start to finish to remove the old, fit the new and secure it... a little more time yesterday to make good the plaster and seal around with frame sealant. 

Now of course, it's time to measure the remaining windows and get them ordered...  

I got the window from here: and it's quite an easy site to work from... instruction sheets for measuring are available and you can pick various options.  In total, it will end up costing around £1400 for 5 windows.  The lowest quote for supply AND fit from various local firms was a little under 3k which we just couldn't afford.  Once the rest are in, I'll replace the upvc front door  from the same place to.  That will give us the chance to have the new one opening outwards - the current one opens into a small hall which is a pain... having it open out, will make rushing in the rain, much easier.

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

BOAT wise -  we resisted the urge to go over yesterday...  the builder HAD emailed on Thursday to say Paul was back working on our boat now - we figured, it wasn't worth the drive given the obvious lack of progress.  We'll go this coming Saturday instead and hope for the best.  It's odd, but given how stressed out about it I HAD been, I now seem to have come over all calm again...  What's the panic after all? - it'll be ready when it's ready and no end of clock watching on my part will make any difference.  

In the meantime, we'll carry on getting stuff  and on this weeks list are the electrical sockets... we'll have some with usb sockets built in.  I've also found some 12v car type sockets with usb in too which will be handy so we'll get some of them ordered.

Until next time...

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