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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Post delivery slump...

Thanks everyone for your good wishes - here, on cwf and thunderboat... it was good to know so many folk were pleased  and excited for us.

Adrenaline is a funny thing.

Thursday was a manic slow motion if you follow.  I was feeling quite sick from the moment I got up.

I'd been concerned beforehand about lots of things and on the day, everything was handled by everyone else - the best money we've ever spent.  The haulier was calm beyond belief (and reversed down the lane as if he was driving a mini)... everyone knew what they were doing and Edd coordinated it very professionally... another example of NOT judging books by their covers!

We drank a couple of bottles of Champagne when we got home (one very kindly given by Andy's sister) and tried to relax.

That didn't happen - it appears that when you drink after an adrenaline fuelled day whilst taking duluxetine, your brain goings into over drive.... to the point where you can't sleep at all.... I now know this and will not repeat that mistake lol

AS a result, yesterday was a slow and painful day - wandering around the boat feeling a bit bewildered at the enormity of it all.  So many jobs to do and not knowing what order to do them in... and as a result, not a lot got done.  On the plus side, we did have a few nice chats with new boaty neighbours and they seem a smashing bunch....  even the one who asked Andy if I was his Dad!!!

No offence was meant of course and everyone is being most welcoming and friendly.

From a progress point of view, I fitted a few extra bolts to the front doors and side hatches (they only had 1 on each so now we've got 3 .  I also cut a few sheets of the wood from from 4 to 2ft wide to make handling them around the boat easier... I also tested water pump, bilge and shower pumps - *note to self today we need to fill the tank as the test amount of water is now gone*.

I also attached the anchor and front and rear buttons...  that was enough for one dazed and bemused day.    LACQUERING is the plan today.

Until next time.

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  1. I have been enjoying your blog from the beginning... and I'm feeling as excited as you ,,, very strange,


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