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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sink waste and 12 volt fridge-freezer...

Where where we?

ah yes... the kitchen sink waste fitting game...

Of course the one that came with the sink wouldn't do easily so I thought I'd been really organised - buying a right angled "universal one" from either Ely or Lime-kiln (can't remember now)...  there I was, poised ready to fit it to the bowl, only to find it JUST too small to make a reliable seal against the bottom.

Lateral thinking was required then - it being rush hour in town...  INSPIRATION came in the form of using BOTH the one supplied AND the angled one (with 19mm outlet) I'd bought for the job.  Luckily, whilst never really being a boy scout, I'm OFTEN prepared for any many eventuality and in the car (the lads at work refer to it as my mobile skip) I had some of that strong glue used to bond plastic waste pipes together

As  luck would have it, the one that came with the sink fitted nicely (and was glued) into the one I'd bought - I THEN wrapped it with my favourite tool box backup:  "self amalgamating tape" - it's marvellous... it lasts forever and so long as you put it on properly has never yet let me down.... come to think of it, it's even making a watertight seal around the boiler vent which goes out of our roof at home - *note to self... get up on the roof and check all is well there soon*.

AFTER I'd faffed on with this for ages - the ages bit being the awkward position of the hose-clip against the skin fitting it dawned on me I'd NOT taken the washing machine in to account (doh)

SO I set to, using what was to hand cobbling together a T junction using 22mn push fit, waste- pipe joiners and MORE of the aforementioned tape.

The end result was OK.... the pipe let me down but as it was all I had to hand -this being another one of those things to "make do with what B& Q have in" whilst waiting for the mail order stuff to arrive.

The important thing here is that it doesn't leak.  OK so when the washer pumps out, the sink bowl does fill up a bit but I hope that will improve once I fit a better bit of braided pipe to the outgoing side of that "T"...  

SO we now have a working kitchen sink.

Given we plan to spend Christmas day on the boat, it seems as good a time as any to get the fride-freezer installed and working...

It's been sat (sitting?) in the garage for  a short while now and on un-wrapping we were underwhelmed:

650 quid for a "converted" LEC tiny fridge-freezer JUST because it's 12volt.  OUCH.

AND the door didn't even open the right way either :-(

This is the expensive bit - the Danfoss compressor thingy... 

I'll update next time with photos of it in place... for some reason, my phone won't talk to my laptop any more today.

Until next time...


  1. you can usually change the "hang" of fridge doors by swapping the hinges/handles over the "new" screw holes are often blanked by bungs.

    1. I've done that now - it was a blooming tight fit though as although I HAD measured the right amount of space laterally to fit the thing in... HADN'T taken the "route" into account lol.

  2. I have the same problem in the bathroom. When the shower pumps out the sink fills up. I ended up putting a 1/4 turn valve partially closed in the shower waste after the pump to slow the flow. Seems to work. The recommendation is a separate skin fitting for every waste but I do get like drilling holes in the boat.

    1. My back up plan (if the "proper hose" that has now arrived) doesn't sort it out is to plumb in a 22mm pushfit stop valve and do the same sort of thing - I've one in the garage left over from when I re-did the plumbing in the bungalow...I really MUST learn to take things back to srewfix!!!

  3. hello quaysider. I've just discovered yr blog and done a bit of back-reading. Specially the launch. I walk the towpaths and I'm quite familiar with Stanley Ferry so I'll be looking out for your boat next time. What a LOAD of work you've done and have still to do- I'm so impressed. Heather

    1. Thanks Heather - We've been on the boat a couple of days... I believe the period is known as "Christmas"... please say hello if you are in the area - we're between the yellow and green one :-)

      Today, has been a day of making NEW steps for the rear and I'm trying out my phone as a wifi point - alas the reception here is poor so I need to think of another plan!


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