Monday 13 September 2021

Rubbish at keeping up to date

 I know I know I know.

The short version is that when folks are coming and going and I'm organizing trips/trying to work around emergency stoppages, dealing with mechanical problems (both alternators failed just as new guests were arriving) and trying to get 'Ellis' to the right place at the right time - whilst still fitting in with timed lock flights etc., I just really struggle to find a few hours to do updates here.

In fact, right now I don't have time to do one either as  a new guest is arriving this morning and we are having to make a detour from where we intended (which was straight up Foxton Locks) the other way for a few miles for a pumpout - one that had been planned for here but a combination of bad timing for the wharf and a dicky pumpout machine is meaning its not guaranteed

Normally, it would be a oh well, we'll wait until the next boat yard situation - however, because the last week has been spent dealing with no engine powered battery charging (we've had to chug with a genny running at the stern), all my thinking went into arranging a new Aux alternator and sometimes scaling 6 ft fences in order to buy petrol for the aforementioned...

So, here is a photo stream of the last month. showing repairs, general maintenance and some lovely boating views.... at some point I may come back and annotate what's what.

I promise I will make more of an effort to up date this place - I tweet lots but only because I can do that from my phone on the hoof and 'stage' a photo which makes life look relaxing, whilst at the same time I've got a pan of carrots on the go and something in the oven lol.

Until next time...