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Thursday, 2 July 2020

An impromptu Gin night in Nantwich then segway on to the Llangollen.

It's fair to say that when I'm back out boating, the blog does take a back seat... certainly after all that time 'locked down', if the sun (or rain) is out, chances are I'll want to be chugging along at less than 3 miles an hour - eyes all over the place like a 'swivel head'  ... Swivel head btw, being the term we country folks used to use to describe the tourists  who came to visit our little hamlet.

Right then...  AFTER our journey along the Middlewich branch the other week, we did of course turn left .  NOT before however, filling up with diesel and browsing in Auntie Wainwrights place - SORRY , I mean Venetian Marina...

That place sells everything!

Scratch that - they din't have the inflatable fenders in the size I wanted but can be forgiven for that.

Nantwich was quite busy - and apparently the 48 hour mooring signs don't apply to everyone...  it does bug me when folks are selective about which rules they think don't apply to them!

No matter, having moved along from Mr. "frame generator" for a bit of quiet, we settled just before the aqueduct and wandered into town for supplies.

On our return - weighed down with bottles of coke (having forgotten HOW far the walk is)we bumped into friends Rog and Jane who'd moored up a  boat behind out of the blue.  Well I say out of the blue, I knew they were somewhere in the area but it was a pleasant surprise none the less.  Their flowers have put 'Ellis' to shame... the ones I'd had on being recently chucked in a hedge as they were well past their best... I hope it's not too late to get some summer bedding in now - what with all the covid kerfuffle.

Upon their return and post our already prepared teas, we joined them for a surprise "Gin" sampling outside their boat - socially distanced of course with only the occasional foray into friendly territory to top up glasses lol.  Jane has a better gin selection available than us and it would have been rude not to help her work through it.

There WAS a time when I'd have been unable to accept their kind hospitality unless I could match it - but, having bugger all on the boat at the moment and even less money in the bank, I'm learning to accept folks generosity and make a mental note to balance out the karma when I'm able to do so.  THEY of course not giving it a second thought... the very reason I suppose, WHY boaty folks are generally good people.  We spent several hours making it awkward for folks to use the pavement - at one point, I felt I understood what it's like to be a fisherman lol.

In no time, it was pitch black and upon checking, nearly midnight so time to retire to our respective boats... prior to covid we'd no doubt have gone inside and drank more!

ON reflection the following morning, the social distancing had done us a favour as boy we were rough.

Whilst nursing my hangover, I got a call from my dentist to say they were now able to do more permanent repairs and could I attend in early July... ergo, our gentle jaunt up the Llangollen would have to be more of a race OR put on ice.  We chose the former and pulled ropes setting off before lunch.

Ellis is now practically back on route and where it should be for guests to join us.  NOW that Boris has relaxed the social distance to 1 metre +, we CAN operate again without breaking any rules.  THAT said, unfortunately, as many visitors are overseas (or trapped in Wales)  and subject to confusing quarantine rules, no one will be aboard until early August.

Obviously,  we have hand sanitizer, soap, water, masks and oodles of common sense on board and by it's very nature, boating IS socially distant so pose little risk to our guests or others... That said, we have the 'clobber' ready and if required, can ppe up.

In every day life, it's all a bit daft but if it's the only way Boris can get away with opening things up again (and by god things need to be) then so be it...  every day we are hearing more and more news of of job losses and company's failing.  Thank goodness I don't have kids to worry about. I've said all along, if I fail, then no one really gives a damn- or more importantly, families don't go hungry...   IT does look like I'm going to have to either do some Winter trips or find some form of paid employment during the darker months...  I'm hoping once the winter stoppages are finalized, I can cobble together a few winter trips - probably aimed at wanna be live-aboarders so they can get a REAL feel of what 'winter boat life' is like.

Until then, we've still got 3 months of the season left (to begin) and I can't wait to have company again..

Until next time...

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