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Friday, 7 June 2019

Anderton to Stretford and a strange experience (slightly x -rated!)

Well here are then... at the end of another week with guests onboard.

I'm sure they' won't mind being referred to this way, but they were a nice old couple.. formerly boaters but no longer confident (physically) to leap on and off to do the lock work they once were.  No matter, they came along and did their share here and there - although tbh, one of them arrived with no voice and streaming with cold... and the other came down with it mid-week... NOW of course, I'm starting with YET another "new" case of man-flu as a result...  I SO hope the next guests to arrive DON'T bring any germs with them!

So - when it came to go back up Anderton we shared with a 59 ft boat this time and as he'd been up before, he knew we HAD to turn right at the top and then wind to go the other direction .. it's a good job he said something or i'd merrily have tried a sharp left turn and no doubt got into a pickle lol.

Once the lift was negotiated, we chugged on Through Preston Brook (had to wait a while for the tunnel timing) and also took the opportunity to stop off at Midland Swindlers Chandlers to buy a new immersion heater... (one of those jobs on my list) - whilst in there acquiring said item, I bought another Oil filter WHICH was actually 3 quid cheaper than the same one I'd bought a few days before at Kings Lock... I told them so as well... at which  point they said "well that's a first-we'd better put the price up lol"....

Whilst at Midland, we bumped into Fiona (I've remembered her name now) and her husband again also being fleeced  buying something.

Our day ended not far from the Rufford branch just before the Science labs - and whilst our guests relaxed with their books, we went for a wander and found some lovely paths/roads...we really DO need to explore more as beauty is all around us!

The next day was a bit miserable on and off weather wise as we chugged on to Lymm - stopping first outside the Working men's club - then on seeing a sign for a "live band" that night, decided to move on around the corner when a space became available... nearer to the pub... which was oddly quite quiet.

Next morning, we were up and off and once we'd filled up the water tank, chugged along to the outskirts of Sale for the night before our final leg into Stretford Marina (we'd booked ahead for 3 nights on hook up).

Saying goodbye to our guests as they left in  a taxi back to Nantiwch to collect their car (and drive back to Somerset) I began "chores" - first thing was to fit the new immersion heater to the calorifier.  I HAD planned to try and use my oil filter wrench to remove the old one but when that didn't work, a quick look on screwfix's website (and subsequent 2.6 mile walk) provided a spanner...  which ALSO didn't quite work cause the insulation was too thick.... ergo, a bit of beggaring around with a Stanley knife later and it DID fit...  

Removing the old one and replacing it with the new one was easy - although since then, the water pump appears to be pressurizing more /taking longer than before... I must have some air somewhere... I'll keep an eye/ear on it and if it remains trapped, will loosen it (with the pump turned on) and bleed it that way.

Let's hope this new one lasts longer than the first one... it needs to mind at over 50 quid for a 1kw heater!

Hey ho.

AT least come winter when we are plugged into shoreline for 3-4 months, it'll mean not having to run the engine or webasto for hours on end each day...

Writing of winter - the "winter stoppage list" is out and it's really messed with our plan to go to Aston Marina (Stone)... we simply can't GET there after our last cruise before the closures begin ALL OVER THE PLACE on 1st November - Instead however, I gave Ed (the marina manager) at Stanley Ferry a call and booked us into there for 4 months... so it appears we're going "home" - he can't say where exactly we'll be moored but he'll fit us in somewhere and we'll have power (metered not on cards) and a tap that's reachable without having to move the boat...  We're hoping we end up right outside the pub a whilst it might be a bit noisy at times, it always shuts on time and quietens down AND that would mean we could get the boat out for a chug easily - for pump outs and perhaps the odd night in Leeds over the winter ... assuming the stoppages allow us to get through.

IT also means easy access to deliveries (stuff can be sent to the house) and we can re-join the same gym we like (Nuffield) and continue the weight loss campaign...  which, btw, isn't going TOO badly...

I was 14 stone 5 when I began back in October/November so another stone should have be back to being a super sexy fabulous ginger...  well I already am but it SHOULD have me FEELING like that again... shame I can't help the wrinkles!

Back to today - we're about to leave Stretford Marina - which btw, is run by THE nicest woman in the world called Jean... she's a true Mancunian - friendly and chatty and can't do enough to help... SO down to earth and just an all round good egg!  We've been plugged into shoreline so washing and drying has been easy between guests  and we've also been out in town to get drunk on my birthday (which was a couple of days ago) - It felt "odd" it being the first one since mum died.., although tbh, last year, given how poorly my dad was at the time and how stressed/muddled she'd become, she forgot about it anyway.

Dad sent me a birthday text message which was nice - he's coping but it's very hard for him after 52 years... can't imagine.  At least for me, there aren't reminders everywhere I look - they say time is a healer so I just hope it passes quickly enough to begin the process soon.  That said, I'm not having as many "mum moments" presently... perhaps because with guests on board, I'm too busy to allow my brain to drift off... it can only be a good thing I suppose.  I still keep going to send her a text message or find myself thinking "I must ring Joyce it's been ages since I spoke to her" only to remember...

IN other news (the x-rated bit) ... LOOK away now if you're uncomfortable about erections!

Don't panic - it wasn't mine... 

The most peculiar thing happened yesterday - we wanted into Stretford to get a loaf of bread (this was AFTER Asda had sent the delivery with the most friendly and accommodating delivery driver imaginable - he'd insisted on wheeling the 6 crates along the jetty to the boat and loading them through the side hatch for us bless him... - SO after we'd got the bread, walking back I spotted a barbers - it being a couple of weeks - maybe 3? since I'd had a tidy up in Llangollen, I went in and sat down...

Within seconds a Turkish (perhaps) chap appeared and directed me to sit in the chair and he began work on my head.

To put it bluntly, as he was cutting and clipping away (no 2 back and sides and short on top) he kept rubbing his groin against my elbow/arm - despite me having "moved both of them in a bit... several times" he kept on doing it... and his ... lets refer to it as "prowess" was obvious.  

I'm no prude but it did feel rather odd (not the actual thing - I've got my own so am used to that) but having a groin rubbed against you whilst you're trying to make small talk about boating life was most bizarre.

The resultant haircut I'll grant him was actually quite good - it was just strange having some random bloke massaging my head for a prolonged period whilst "blowing" the clippings away with a hair dryer...

When it was time to "pay" I wasn't sure WHO should be paying Who/whom?

Suffice to say I didn't leave a tip - he had his own!

Until next time...

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Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

AAAARRRGGGHHH!!! That sounds very yuk! If you were straight, I bet he wouldn't do it - so it counts as abusive, just as it would if he'd done it to a woman. Not acceptable!

Cheers, Marilyn