Saturday, 6 June 2020

Down the rabbit hole...

I logged in this morning with every intention of writing  a witty update - it IS my intention to get back to doing more blogs...certainly when we get moving again - it's even been commented on that of late my 'writing style' has returned to it's former (vaguely) humorous view on life and that perhaps I'm feeling more chipper following on from losing mum last year and getting divorced... a fair assessment I suppose - I've turned grief into acceptance (well mostly) and anger in to forgiveness (see previous parenthesis) .

TROUBLE was this morning, I was having a read of one of the blogs I follow (most are not listed on here) and this lead me to click on to some of the blogs THEY follow ...  and lower down the list, (well actually NOT that much lower tbh) I realized how may of my original bloggers have died.  Mostly due to Cancers.

Since then, I've been ' down that rabbit hole' reminiscing reading their postings and gradual demises  - it's not been a particularly sad thing but it did stop me in my tracks and be grateful for having seized the day so to speak.

Anyway - the "window" is open next weekend - it's gonna be a mammoth task to try and get from where I am to where I need to be ... I am badgering crt to be more flexible in regards lock flight opening hours and my only gain so far has been a 2 hour early opening on one flight - will it be enough?

I'll feed back in due course.

Until next time...


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mark,

I suspect one possible reason for your blog list issue/problem (if it is) that in the case of our blog you have our old blog address in your own blog list settings. We changed back to Blogger several montghs ago and the "New" address is We changed back to Blogger because I no longer felt the need to pay the rental for our own address. Interestingly the old blog address is now for sale/rent at £100 so perhaps the blog was more popular than I thought!

Keep up the blogging as we love reading it!

Best wishes

Tom & Jan

Ade said...

We hope so.