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Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Human Kindness verses Self obsessed modern life...a bit of a rant

What on earth is going on with the world at the moment?


Where has ‘humanity’ gone? … Where has ‘Kindness’ gone? … WHY are SO many people (mainly Daily Mail readers I suspect) behaving in such a self- centred way?

WHEN was the last time  YOU did something kind for the benefit of someone else? – hmmm? – I don’t mean grandiose gestures JUST something kind… that might make a difference to whatever internal HELL someone else is going through?

If you are struggling to remember  - then quite frankly… whilst NOT wishing to be a virtue signaler, it’s time you got off your arse, went for a walk and used your eyes to see the frailty around you.  It’s really easy to make a difference to someone’s day – a simple “Hello – what awful weather*can be substituted with; Isn’t it lovely the sun is out for a change*”… it’s all about connecting with someone who isn’t as lucky as you are to be ‘settled’.  Someone who perhaps HAS worked extremely hard – perhaps continues to do so, in extremely challenging times with nothing but despair at the end of THEIR tunnels, in comparison to your lot.  Just think about it and try and walk a mile in THEIR shoes without looking down your nose thinking “well we/I had it hard too” bollocks… cause that’s what it is is… all bollocks. 

I am probably as FAR as you can get from a socialist but I AM a humanist /empath and other people’s pain can be crushing.    By pain I mean “real pain”- perhaps subjectively … certainly not self pity pain or the kind of  “My life is more important than your life or feelings so I’m going to protect myself in a bubble because I can”… sometimes to the detriment of the people around you (if you are lucky enough to have anybody or that you’ve not pushed away) who cares about you and WANT to see you… give you a hug perhaps – REGARDLESS of whether Boris says you are allowed to or not ffs.

Many folks are SO compliant with  the government GUIDANCE that they are no longer able to make their OWN sensible decisions – in short, they’ve been  brainwashed into avoiding their families for fear they might  contract covid and die.  YEAH – some do/have/will… many wont… quite frankly  I know if my mum was alive still, she’d willingly take the risk for one last hug with either my brother   or I (me or/and my brother however it should be written) whether it killed her or not.   I suppose that is maternal instinct… good parenting and you’ve either got it or you haven’t.

I suspect it’s mass brain-washing… people susceptible to the trite they read in the likes of the Daily Mail *Other completely bigoted newspapers ARE available but rarely considered by those already brain-washed enough to read the DM in the first place*…  people who claim to have enough education and ‘life’ experience to consider themselves ‘well informed’ have become – for want of a more eloquent expression; Self obsessed sheeple!

It’s a shame - it really is… SOME folks beyond the age of 70 *already if you think in biblical terms  *past their ‘3 score years and 10’  demonizing anyone trying to get on with  life.  Oh it’s ok for them… sometimes sitting in their  (certainly  in many cases) financial ‘ivory towers’ to be demanding “stricter measures” to stifle the spread of Sars 2 … these measures being MORE full lock downs.  DON’T they get it? – THEY DON’T WORK….  All they do is SLOW things down enough for the Hospitals to be able to (to some extent) cope with the numbers of people who need medical assistance to either recover from it… or die.

Sadly,  MANY equally life threatening –(for many younger people, still with families to bring up) are getting side-lined because of it…I totally “GET” the government’s stance… it would just be easier if they would/could openly say, we CANNOT protect everyone and ensure no one dies… life isn’t like that… ALL we can do is mitigate the speed at which it spreads… and EVEN WITH A VACINE – which they are already saying might prevent you from contracting it, will NOT STOP you spreading it – ergo, we may as well all right off 2021 and your kids/grandchildren can look forward to massive taxes for the duration of their working lives… anyone under 30 – perhaps 40 (who hasn’t already been fortunate to secure a mortgage) can abandon any idea of being able to OWN their own homes  - instead, a life time of perpetual renting is pretty much written in stone for them.  In short – it sucks MORE for the younger folks than It does for the oldies.

Before I offend ALL my demographic here,  the above RANT has come about because of conversations I have been having with the disillusioned folks I take the time to talk to when I’m out and about  - NOT for altruistic reasons … I’m the first to admit to being lonely… I AM lonely.. I spend WAY too much time on my own and I hate spending time alone… it’s toxic.  I walk for miles each day and for my own SELFISH reasons talk to people… ‘cause I crave interaction with others – in the selfish hope that by listening to their problems/ perception of the world today,  it makes mine seem less important.  Alas, that doesn’t always happen… in fact, more often than not, I head back to the boat full of THEIR worries on top of my own…. Still, tomorrow is ALWAYS another day but if I should die in my sleep, it doesn’t really matter.  UNLIKE the young fellow I spent some time talking with today.  He’s only in his mid 30s – parents dead ( mum 5 years ago – father last year), wife has just confessed to cheating on him with a mutual friend … 2 kids – one the paternity of which is now under question. .. he HAD been furloughed from his employment only to be recently made redundant… we were sat (sitting) on the same concrete bench in the sun – me listening to pop master initially through my headphones – him just staring into space.  As lost as I can feel, sitting there with him pouring his heart out (admittedly he’d got his way through a fair through  few cans of Stella) I felt SO helpless not having any words of comfort … I almost wished I was a man of god – or at least a man with the capacity to say something profound enough to provide some kind of succor … alas, the best I could do was have a swig of his beer as we chatted and head down my own rabbit hole of despair.  I'm lucky... not having kids to consider but  His Christmas is going to be the first without his kids, no parents of his own to prop him up and provide much needed support  .... a pretty wretched time  BUT luckily for him, a kind hearted -(perhaps Christian ) old lady next door to the bedsit he's ended up in has offered to spend the day with him...despite HER vulnerability to covid, SHE has seen the support they can offer each other in both their times of despair and she's prepared to take that risk for the sake of humanity.

Luckily (for me) – when we went on our respective journeys, I was heading back to a marina with at least the opportunity to interact with either another ditch dweller/marina staff ,  acting the fool long enough to make them laugh or at least feel better about their day which might also be just a shitty.


Can you say the same?

If not … perhaps DITCH the newspaper and pick up a copy of the “The Good news Bible” - … I’m not religious in any shape or form but it’s an easy read and makes a lot more sense than the Daily Mail EVER will…


Until next time…


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Anonymous said...

Having followed your blog for a few years without commenting, I really felt compelled to respond to this post. I wrote quite a lot about how much I agree with you about the cult of ‘me first’ and that I was taught that kindness costs nothing and if you give a smile you will more than likely get one in return. However, I have been waiting to see it appear and it seems to have disappeared into the ether. So I’m just saying the same thing again in shorter form to let you know that you are not alone in the way you feel. I’m very sorry about your Mum but am sure she would be proud of the sentiments you expressed.