Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Re-homing the cats...

After 5 months of trying (through word of mouth and extended circles) to find new homes for the cats, we've finally resorted to the cats protection  people.

Sox would I'm sure manage ok when we're moving around next year... poor old George however continues to hate it ... MORE so since he got stuck up that tree last week.  At the moment, the poor fella won't LEAVE the boat at all - despite hating it.... stuck between a rock and proverbial hard place.

Today, they've appeared on the "home to home" section of the website  here.https://www.cats.org.uk/dewsbury/adopt-a-cat/home-to-home-cats/sox-and-george  .

SOMEWHERE during our chat, they must have gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick - re. our reasons for moving onto a boat.  To quote "Dad's fallen on hard times and moved us on to a narrowboat"...  I suppose that might make someone take pity on them - ironically, we have offered to keep paying their medical insurance, provide the new owners with a years worth of Frontline (flea/tick stuff) and Drontil (worming stuff) that we'd already bought  AND pay the adoption fee to the charity, transfer the "chip data" and transfer the vaccinations for life policy to go with them

It seems "real" now they are officially listed as unwanted... and to be truthful, it doesn't feel very good to be trying to find them new homes....Despite that, we do know it IS the right thing for George.  Hey ho.  I'm sure they'll brighten up some cat loving/lonely person's life.

BOATY wise, today I'd hoped to get some scratches touched up but the weather is against us - instead, I've been to the tip to dispose of some waste oil and collected 4 new batteries I'd ordered for the boat - they were delivered to the default pay-pal address and intercepted by one of the neighbours ... she called me whilst I was at the tip and I detoured via the bungalow to pick them up on the return journey.

IF we'd had enough money, we'd have bought either GTP'S or TROJANS ... as it stands, given we need to get through the next few months on my redundancy money, I resorted to lead/acid 130ah "leisure" ones... hopefully, now I've gotten better at looking after them AND if we don't abuse them (like we did the first set) they'll do a couple of years...

Tomorrow morning, before Andy goes to work, I'll wedge myself in the engine bay and remove the old and replace them - using Andy as "Braun"...  I called into a scrap-yard today to enquire if it was worth me bringing the old ones in and was told they pay 50p a kg.... given they weigh in at 30kg each, what's 60 quid cash to buy coal with...  every little helps and there was me - about to take the to the tip!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Looked after, I believe you'll get a good run from those batteries. Ours are just over four years old and doing okay.
Good luck with the cats......it's for the best.
nb Paneke

Naughty-Cal said...

There is something to be said for el cheapo batteries. You don't have to be too fussy looking after them like you would be inclined too with expensive batteries and when they are dead just replace them cheaply again.

Our last set of el cheapo Vartas lasted us four and a half years and only cost us £150 for the pair. The current set of Bisons have only been on for 8 months so it is too early to say how they will last but at the moment they are very good and more then up to the use that we give them, again a pair of 105ah (although this varies depending on what website you look at!) for £150.

Good luck rehoming the cats.

Quaysider said...

I hope so... it was 339 quid for 4 x 130ah ones - NEVER heard of the brand but I went for ones with the largest cca I could find for the capacity if you follow - the thinking being they must have more lead in them.

Quaysider said...

I made the mistake of asking on the forums if anyone had seen any good deals lately... and of course, the 'wealthier folk' were all dead against cheap ones, in favour of trojans, gtps or in an ideal world lithium. Well it's not an ideal world and money IS tight until we get up and running so I'll just have to take care of the new ones and see how they fair. I paid 339 quid for 4 x 130ah batts with cca of 1000. Fingers crossed. I'm fitting them today.

Pip and Mick said...

Good luck rehoming the cats. Such a shame, but if George really is that unhappy then you are doing the best thing for him. May they find a loving home whilst George still has some fur. Pip