Thursday, 11 July 2019

No sign of infection - yet!

YOU'LL be pleased to hear (well read) that so far I've no sign of any infection following on from my aquatic experience... my crocs did need a good wash in dettol as they mud they sank/sunk? into, seemed to have self etching properties!

Our guest departed in Cherry Tree and the boat does seem quiet without her ... she's been great company and really "GOT" into the spirit of our live-aboard-adventure... although I have to say she wasn't 100% committed as the OVEN is still in need of a clean... oh well - maybe NEXT time 😁.

When she went, we pulled pins and departed - our plan being to move to Riley Green for a night as we caught up with laundry and then do a pump out/fill the water tank and head down Johnsons Hillocks for a couple of days.   Despite what the cruise schedule says, the next guests asked if could change a Friday departure to a Sunday one - which has given us a few more days to kill than we'd like but it has meant we've gone down to  Chorley for a wander around.

Whilst at service point at the top of Johnsons though, we DID spot a familiar boat .

You'd never believe it's a 5 year old boat!... but "I suppose she's a Bickerstaff"  so it's to be expected lol

ACTUALLY, the owner came over as he follows me on Twitter and we had a chat.  I'm always worried when someone comes and mentions  that they either read this or Twitter - as you may know, I'm an opinionated git on occasions Sometimes I can be quite direct and people "think" I don't have a filter.... the scary thing is that WHAT I say and write quite often IS filtered!!!!

Anyway - it turned out I haven't offended him and we had a smashing chat.. . over a pump out lol.

We've a couple more days to catch up with chores - I'm going to have a go at making gluten free bread as our next guests are gluten free veggies ...  lots of things with "cardboard" on the menu then lol.

I also need to do another service/engine and gearbox oils etc - I've also got the anti-freeze to change... although I have no idea how to dispose of the old stuff.... perhaps an elsan point? -  I'll hang on to it a while and see what other boaters do I suppose.

Right - time to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in  ... wish me luck!

Until next time....

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