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Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Overnight Oats (Bircher Muesli) and no comment

 Ignoring what is currently going on in the world, here on Ellis I am sinking my teeth in to my winter jobs list again...  a few easy wins such as taking the (overly dark mirror film I put on last winter) OFF the portholes and side hatches,  changing the mesh on the roof vents to ones with smaller holes  (now the fly nets have worn out over the mushrooms)  and touching up scratches here and there.    Bigger jobs include re-modelling the crew wardrobe to remove hanging rails and make shelves/dividers to store clothes folded on and also in the lower half, fit shelving to store uht milk, soft drinks AND make space for the very useful (but space consuming) sholley to live.... instead of it being on top of the crew loo - which to be frank had become a pain in the bum every night when preparing crew quarters for bed.

As much of the country is probably sitting around at home eating and drinking more than is good for them in the run up to 2021, I am taking the opposite approach - as much as I'd LIKE to keep eating and drinking whatever I like, the reality is, now we're not moving around I am just turning into a fat middle-aged puff! - the latter I can't really do much about... the former...? well it requires will power and motivation - both of which are in short supply but having touched on 13 stone 10 the other day, it HAS to happen.  

My blood pressure is higher than it should be (even having been medication for it for the last 20 years)  

- cholesterol is also high and the doc did suggest last year I they'd take another test and put me on statins but then Covid came along so that was that.  Having had a phone consultation recently, they suggested I take an over the counter test from a chemist and let them know the results...  suffice to say once again the overall level being 6. something or other, meaning in the absence of "proper" testing, they sent an online prescription to the nominated chemist... ahem, school boy error idiot at large here HADN'T changed it from Boots Northwich! - ergo, I'll not be collecting them anytime soon.

So - in an attempt to soak up as much as I can without medication, I've began the whole Plant Sterols regime and forced myself to begin eating over night oats for breakfast each day... after the 3rd day, I stopped noticing how unsweet they tasted and am now a bit of a convert....  AS for the plant sterols - all I have to say on that subject is that after a week or so on them, I seemed to develop an allergic reaction and my back came up in lumps and bumps and itched like mad.  On stopping them, it disappeared... 'looks like all my hopes are pinned on the oats.  I'll report back in a month if I'm still alive!☺😁☺  I've also knocked the gin on the head massively - initially doing alternate days... then every 3rd day and now I try  not to drink until weekends.... with varying results but any day missed HAS to be a benefit.  

The toe is still sore but I'm making better progress now walking and in fact can manage 6 miles or so in my boots before I have to take a pain killer... wish the same could be said for my back  but I suppose that's the price you pay for being such an agile, athletic old man - eventually, nature catches up with you.  Hey ho.  LUCKILY, being ginger people don't notice the limping!

What else to report? - er not a lot really...  when I'm not pottering about doing chores, I trying to work out a couple of short Xmas trips to put on the website (that will depend on what happens on 2nd Dec.) and also work some more trips out for the end of next year.  2022 is in the planning now and I  AM going to begin the year from Stone and spend some time on the River Weaver doing 5 or 6 night trips from Anderton, down the lift and after a few nights on the river, ending at Northwich Marina to do change overs plugged into electric... it makes it SO much easier.  After that, I think it'll be time to head further south but as yet I'm not sure.

BEFORE then however, I really need to get my accounts up to date for the previous year and do the tax return - tbh, the figs are already in a spreadsheet so it's really just a case of pulling my finger out.

Thing is, I keep getting distracted - yesterday I made a new friend... Whilst I was buggering about trying to fit the shelves in the wardrobe, I turned around and there he was - sitting quite happily watching me!

Upon instruction (and after a dog biscuit) he went and sat outside and continued to watch me working... amazingly, understanding me perfectly... later on I discovered he's actually a rescue dog from Spain! As you will imagine I spent the rest of the afternoon doing my BEST "Manwell" (how do you spell that?) impression... "I speak very good Spanish... I learn it from a book" lol.

So there we are - Remembrance day...11th hour, 11th day, 11th month. ALL this Covid stuff is REALLY put into perspective by WW1 I think!

Until next time....

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