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Monday, 4 April 2016

"Banned Topics"...

Ok - I'm not normally one to sit on the fence (as anyone who knows will me will vouch) but recently on Canal World Forum,  2 subjects have been "banned" as topics of discussion - AND any postings which reference them are deleted, locked or heavily moderated.

The decision to do this has been made by the site owner - as is his prerogative.

Unfortunately, this has lead to a lot of folk feeling angry about having the freedom to discuss or reference these things, taken away from them... and I suppose if pushed, I'd say I'm a bit peeved about it too.

NOT that I particularly WANT to talk about the subjects per say, but at the same time,  I don't like being told I can't!

We've got friends involved with local politics, and a couple of vicars  (1 a friend and the other my nieces father-in-law) and whilst we don't share each others opinions on many issues, we all get along nicely and respect each others views.

As you  might expect quite a few of the people who DO feel aggrieved by this, were having a bit of a moan about it on Saturday evening and of course the thread eventually got locked - but NOT before one of them had posted a link to a NEW discussion forum he decided to set up ... where anything goes (well anything NOT illegal/immoral I suppose).

This new forum is called THUNDERBOAT - and I've signed up on there too - NOT in a bid to get away from the original site  - it's pretty much universally accepted that Canal World is the number 1 place to to find help and information about just about every aspect of boating...  It's been a god send to us in our planning and I suspect it will continue to be the first place I ask for help.  THIS is because the people on there genuinely WANT to help and share their vast knowledge.  I do hope this continues.

I also however, hope that folk will use BOTH forums rather than choosing one over the other... whilst I totally understand the site owners decision to "keep" the original site BOATING oriented, from a long term boaters point perspective, I can understand them WANTING the freedom to chat about NON-boating related matters, WITH other boaters...

People are complicated aren't they?  Let's all try and continue to look around through good eyes and respect each other - whatever our opinions are eh?

Until next time...

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