Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I want my life back...

OK - I know this isn't really the place to post this and it's got buggar all to do with the pre-build or boating... it's just that I've had enough today... enough of "people" standing around watching others working and causing a nuisance...enough of that ruddy Estonian trying to provoke me into arguments - over any subject... enough of  people standing behind me, watching whatever I'm doing and telling me I'm doing it wrong .... THE next person to do that is going to get whatever tool I'm using (whether it's a planer, circular saw, reamer, drill or just a plane old paint brush) shoved firmly where the sun don't shine!

The thing I'm most cross about is that whilst every principle in my body is telling me it's not my problem and I should walk away.... Financially I can't...  we need to save another 20k or so to ensure we can complete the boat properly... and even after that, we'll need to save some more to get something in reserve to pay the mortgage if the hotel boat thing in year 2 doesn't work out as well as expected.  So I'm stuck working 70-80 hour weeks and only getting paid for 40, to make sure it all gets done.   Despite the marital disharmony it's causing - I SO wish I didn't actually care about it...  didn't worry at 3am about all the things outstanding ... but I do so there we are. hmmf!

I hate money.

Now I know we're not the only people in this position - the world is full of them.  IF you are lucky enough to be in a "proper" job.. with "proper holidays" a "proper pension scheme" a "proper sick pay scheme" AND you get bank holidays - whatever you do, hang on to it with every breath in your body... Unlike I did, 'thinking' the grass was greener... it wasn't...  or rather it was, but it it still grows in shite  muck!

On a slightly more positive note, the solar panels on the house did quite well today - in fact, I think they topped their highest record yet , generating 20.59kwhs.

If you find this kind of thing interesting, you can take a look at the website which monitors the Omnik inverters all over the world.  Take a look herehttp://www.omnikportal.com/Terminal/TerminalDefault.aspx?come=Public

I'm going to bed shortly - the alarm is set (as usual) for 5.30 now - although the birds are doing their bit to get me up about 5 these days...


Until next time...

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Ade said...

Sorry my comment was for here! not last post!
Where you mention 70-80 hr weeks!