Sunday, 18 December 2016

Galley taking shape...

The kitchen on Ellis is tiny - by anyone's measure...  just 1500mm either side in a galley format.  Andy was keen for us to avoid having any wall cupboards and thus closing in the combined space for the lounge/kitchen.

Whilst I would  have been happy with a few small wall mounted cupboards, it wasn't worth the fight so I caved in early on this and we agreed we'd try it and see.  The good thing about our bungalow is that we're already used to a small kitchen... in fact, the one on the boat (by the the time you include the full length larder cupboard and the opposite fridge/freezer space) is about the same size anyway.

I started assembling the various sized units earlier in the week, in preparation for the gas connection.    THAT isn't happening for a while now - it was supposed  to be done yesterday (Sat) but the chap didn't come back with his "price" until yesterday morning anyway ... and at £450 he can whistle.  The pipe is already in so HOW it can cost £450 for a few fittings and a chap to connect them is beyond me.  Oddly enough, I've not heard back from him when I sent him a rather offensive  direct text message suggesting he's a bit expensive.

Not to worry - we'll manage xmas dinner in the microwave.

Back to the units - just B & Q's "cooke and lewis" oak effect with oak doors - we couldn't find internal drawers from their range do decided to just buy the basic drawer carcass and cut planks to fit behind the cupboard door (it keeps the dust down a bit having the drawers inside a cupboard)

Next to the drawers, is the little Thetford oven that's been sitting in the garage for ages - the instructions suggest it needs  vents below and above so I drilled a selection of holes and "modified" the housing to accomodate it.

I have since changed the one at the top for a nice bit of sapele left over from the track we've made a work.

WORK top wise, we'd have like granite of course but our budget doesn't stretch to such things - SO it's Wickes' sparkly black stuff - still 120 quid a side (typical we needed 1650mm x 2 because of the "extra" cupboards we decided on last minute)...

Cutting out the hole for the 2 burner hob was simple enough - although it DOES look a bit close to the tumble-home (if that's the right name for the slopey bit above the gunwale)...  I've got a bit of aluminium plate I'm going to fit as a "splash back"/fireproof bit.

The other side was easier - well before I began the plumbing that is.

The tap turned out to be very easy - the fitting being done from above rather than below ... it went in without issue and for a budget model (remember it was on offer a few months ago) looks the part. 

NOW I need to sort out the sink/washer wastes and I suspect that's going to be a bit of a pig.

Until next time...

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