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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Crick - Shopping list...

Tomorrow morning we're off to Crick boat show

Usually, we go on the first day - and it rains... and rains... and rains... last time, whilst in a marque (hiding FROM the rain) there was actually a torrent of water flowing through it! Luckily, we had our wellies on anyway lol.

SO - in a break from our tradition, we switched to Sunday... I'll report back tomorrow night whether (or perhaps that ought to be weather) it's worked.

Given the delicate state of our finances at the moment- whilst we'd originally hoped to get a toilet/holding tank "deal" this year, we've downgraded that to mooring lines, fenders and perhaps a few fire-extinguishers ... and maybe a fire blanket.

The excitement never ends ;-)  

Until next time...

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