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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Porthole Bug covers...courtesy of

After (well during) a very hard week, I decided it was time to re-visit the shopping list for the boat.

I'm still feeling down in the dumps about this ruddy fairground ride 

I can't recall whether I've shown you it or not - it's a 1930s chair-o-plane... or in layman's terms, swing chairs.  Anyway - it has to be finished, tested and dismantled by this time next week... and it's not even put together or painted yet. I can only do so much :-(


I've no idea how or when I found these, but I stored a link to them ages ago and decided they'd be useful when we got the boat.  They're one of those things you look at and (being Yorkshire) think: HOW MUCH?... then decide they'd be a luxury....  well after this week, luxury is just what we need.

Andy and I had a chat about it and discussed whether we should be frittering money (which is tight as a result of all the 'extras' we keep adding to the basic boat) but agreed if we didn't get them now, they might get over-ruled altogether so I ordered a full set for "Ellis".

On Thursday, Eric next door (86) struggled round with this lovely big box:

I'd just come in from work but couldn't resist opening it..

WELL wrapped is an understatement!!! - with no word of a lie, it took me longer than it took Andy to cook tea to get in to it.  

and at the end of all the unwrapping:  Tah Dah:

well not just the 1, but 10 porthole covers and 4 mushroom vent covers (although I've not actually checked the vent covers are in the pile.... I'm sure they will be) - total cost: £264.95 including carriage.

We're very pleased with them.  There was also a lovely note with them and some fridge magnets.

I'm a sucker for a personal touch.   Unfortunately, as we won't have the boat for months, they'll have to stay in storage but I did slap one on a radiator to see how strong the magnets are... and can confirm they are plenty strong enough!

There's a video on their website  demonstrating them.

You can also buy replacement nets - which we'll probably do but it will have to wait until  after payday...

Today, if I had the energy, I'd be going in to work to get a head-start on tomorrow... alas, after a 72 hour week (32 of which were unpaid btw) I'm not... instead, I'm going to cook a leg of lamb as Andy's sister and kids are coming over to visit - they plan a trip to Ikea in the morning (on bank holiday Monday???) whilst I'll be heading off to work - as normal.  Hey ho...

Until next time...

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