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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Delivery update from the builder...

Hello again,

You may recall, our plan was to go and visit the builder on Saturday morning to dot i's and cross some t's ...  well, we did just that.

It was a good visit and things appeared less fraught over that than our previous visits - to the point I actually (for once) relaxed a bit.  We chatted about our confusion over delivery dates and he was most amenable - explaining that he's moved things around a bit to give us a chance of meeting a mid October delivery ... and more importantly (financially at least for us) to tag our lift IN with the Crane OUT near our mooring.

Apparently, the hull can now be ordered and expected delivery to their premises is early/mid July.  Given that June is nearly upon us, it finally feels like something is going to happen.

Our "Extras" list now consists of the following:

engine upgrade from 35 to 42hp

Centreflex coupling

2 sets of glazed side doors/hatches

500 litre stainlesss steel water tank

gas pipe runs

an extra porthole

an extra side door

horn and headlight

hospital silencer

75 instead of 55 litre calorifier with 1kw immersion heater

135ah batteriers insteal of 100s.

This adds £5050.00 (eek) to the cost... SO far. 

 I've tried to explain to Andy that we simply can't afford to add anything else on now - given our maximum savings capacity is £1000 a month, there just isn't the time to save enough money to pay for anything else...  and that assumes already we don't have any kind of life from now until delivery - AND eat dust for at least 2 of our 3 meals a day!

During the meeting, we revisited the plans and confirmed the location of all the portholes and side hatches.  We also confirmed the height of the rear lockers (2 inches higher than normal) - I HATE not being able to see over cratch boards for the sake of 2 inches.

The next time we go over there, we'll actually be coming back with some photos of OUR hull (and be a bit lighter in the pocket too)...  Roll on July!

On Sunday, we revisited the Barnsley canal walk we did a few months back- it's amazing how different things look with a bit of spring growth:

This coming Sunday, we're off to Crick boat show - if you spot us, please come and say hello...ideally offer to buy us lunch too if you would be so kind :-) 

Until next time...

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