Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Never mind Garlic bread... the future is Rhubarb Gin and we've tasted it...

Good morning.

I'm not going to harp on too much here - suffice to say my right hand is still quite sore... it's rather annoying as being left handed, (and having that one heal so easily) I'd assumed the right one would be a breeze.

NOW OK.  I did something stupid on Friday with it - I'd walked up to Boots to try and buy some more dressings (they didn't have any suitable) but as I left the store an old bird  a little old lady coming in stumbled towards me and I instinctively grabbed her to stop her falling to the floor... of course I used both hands but I must have subconsciously gotten used to protecting my left one - ergo, the right one took most of her weight...  within milliseconds the pain shot up my arm and the throbbing took hours to subside.

I think it's all right - I took off the padding to redress it later on and whilst there WAS a bit of blood on it, I don't think it was fresh.

Enough of that - suffice to say, it's all cleaned up again and bandaged back up for protection.

SO - Having decided we're both getting a bit chubby  festively plump, we're back to walking 8 miles a day and have worked out a pleasant circular route.  We go down the canal side to Foxholes, up the road in to Altofts, bear right and then cut along a bridal way along a wood side, round Newland hall (derelict), passed Kirkthorpe church , through some woodland , over the river and then back down the tow-path to our boat...  - according to Endomondo its 7.79 miles... which is close enough.  

More importantly, that burns off about 800 calories give or take.  Anyway, whilst on the first leg of our walk on Saturday, we noticed Claire (from the boat behind) and her friend Todd were chugging the same direction to have her boat blacked... we slowed down a bit, planning on opening the first couple of locks for them to speed their passage.  It turned out Todd's other half was already waiting at the lock to do that anyway so we carried on and shortly afterwards bumped into a chap called Paul.  He was one of the slingers who helped with the craning in of Ellis last October.   We got chatting  as you do and he mentioned he'd recently bought some Rhubarb and Ginger Gin from a shop in Castleford and wholeheartedly recommended it... we made a mental note and carried on along our way.

On our return,  we went gin shopping!


It's rather nice... a slow drinker as for full benefit it's best neat on ice but at only 20% vol that's ok.

Flavour wise, you get the rhubarb first and then after a few moments, the ginger kicks in.  It's nice!

WHILST shopping, we also tried some Elderflower gin... that's rather nice too.  The rest of the day is somewhat hazy lol 😆

. . . . . . . 

Boat wise, Andy got a phone call from Eric (next door neighbour at the bungalow) to say a package had arrived for me.  It turned out to be the consumables for the next couple of services from Calcutt boats.  2 oil filters and 1 each of diesel and air filters (they get switched on alternate oil changes)...

It's handy having a sensible postman - he posts "mail" as normal to the old address for us to collect from the tenant but has the common sense to leave packages with the either Sheila or Eric either side and they let us know... it's working out quite well,

Remember that prototype porthole shutter I made in the bedroom many moons ago?https://narrowboatellis.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/porthole-shutter-prototype-and-waste-bin.html

Well I've finally gotten around to taking them off, fitting magnets into the mdf and removing the pointless catch ...

FINALLY the porthole at the end of the bed can be left open all day to increase ventilation.  We're keen not to let the cats into the bedroom as I really have no desire to share my pillow with a cat's derrière  - hence why the bedroom door remains closed.  

Until next time...


TonyT said...

Where is the mystical Rhubarb Gin Shop? Vivkh says if I don't get her some she will be forced to call round and share yours!

Quaysider said...

lol - she's welcome to a "sip"... it's in Castleford... a bit of an odd shop, with plants and cases of beer outside it in a kind of layby near the motor bike shop.. called something like "d n r "... they have a large selection of flavoured gins - some small bottles at 4 for a tenner so you can see if you like them before shelling out more. Elderflower is nice too!