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Monday, 22 October 2018

FINALLY a Kingfisher photo and beautiful Autumn cruising...

We left Leeds on Thursday morning and headed off  towards Skipton - the weather is being SO kind to us given the time of year... a little bracing at times but generally bright sunshine without TOO much wind.

This time, we've got an Australian traveler with us Andy took no time in putting him to work on the locks.  We're still taking alternate days on the tiller although I'm told when it's wet and windy, I'll be called back to full time duty!

The plan HAD been on leaving Leeds, to go as far as Apperley Bridge and stop outside the marina for our first night.  Alas, when we got there, we noticed "travelers" had encamped on the playing fields and decided we'd go on a bit further instead.  This resulted in a full water tank (thanks to the tap at Dobsons Locks) and a night on Shipley Visitor moorings.

Next morning we stopped in Saltaire to nip up to the Coop only to come across a boat whose starter battery was goosed. I tried to jump start them from our spare battery AND from their leisure ones but either both were too low OR my little jump leads weren't up to the job (it's a good excuse to get a new MANLY set now) - in the end, we abandoned our efforts and left them to wait for their hire company to come rescue them.

Bingley 3 and 5 came and went without incident - well I say without...  they had a "new volunteer" helping out and lets just say we got a few more scratches than we've come to expect on the flight... no major harm done and I got the touch up paint out when we arrived in Skipton.

Writing of Skipton,  I'd tweeted Ian (the boss man of Peninne Cruisers) a few days prior and asked if he could make us up a new pair of 14 meter centre lines with eyes on. On arrival , I nipped over to collect them... daftly I'd not asked what the cost would be but there was no real fear as true to form, he charged a reasonable  - if not bargain 28 quid for the pair.    The old ones are now destined to be made in to rope side fenders when I get around to watching you-tube videos 100 times.

We left Skipton this morning for our return trip to Leeds - a beautiful if a little cold day... (frosty morning) and we were lucky enough to encounter a Kingfisher who seemed to be playing tig with us for miles.  MANY, MANY photos were taken and THIS is closest we've gotten to a "proper photo".

Tonight we've come BACK down Bingley and have moored just near the Greyhound pub (edit - It's ACUTALLY called the Fishermans)  - all a bit tired after a treck into town to get some eggs so we've resisted the pub and no doubt will be in bed doors.  Tomorrow, the plan is to get to Rodley and perhaps introduce our guest to "guest ales" in the canal side pub there.

Until next time...

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