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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Royal family...


"One comes to you today from the back cabin where one has been pushed a side, whilst our guest rustles us up omelettes for breakfast".

It's most odd - in 'older days' I'd be stressed out by my routine being altered  - these days, I can just go with the flow... NOT something my former "work stressed" self could have coped with... silly really.

For this trip, we've been very lucky with sun drenched Autumn days and only mild winds- I've no photos in this post because I logged on to the guest wifi network this morning which my phone isn't linked to...  why? - well ahem some dosey ginner  the other mifi point might have experienced coffee machine over flowing difficulty... It'll dry out I'm sure.

SO then - The Royal Family... or more to the point, 'The Crown' on Netflix - You'll recall that for (what feels like forever) a while now, we've been plodding away in the cardio suite at the gym.  Typically that's about an hour on whatever machine doesn't cause my bad right knee and lower back problem to hurt TOO much... Note the use of the word "TOO" -  they both are quite problematic all the time so it's just a case of tolerating the background pain to the point of wanting to cry. 

Pain isn't the problem though when exercising - it's boredom.  LUCKILY for me, I decided to start watching my way through 'The Crown'.

I realise I'm way behind the rest of the world here, but it REALLY is good.  It's been an education for me and as such I've discovered a new found respect for the Queen.  I've never been ANTI-Royal, but nor have I thought of myself as a 'fan' - That's changed now. 

Watching the difficult decisions she's been forced with over the years, I think I'm a fan.  You can see from it, the back ground to today's modernized family.

Now OK - I realise a lot of what is being shown is  artistic licence and fictional writing but who care's? - Clare Foy imho, developed into the part really well .  In short, I can honestly say  she's done a sterling job in difficult circumstances.  Privilege/wealth a side,  I for one wouldn't swap my life for theirs... at least when I mess up (frequently) no one gives a buggery AND I have the freedom of speech, the Queen could only dream of.

Until next time...

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