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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Liquidating assets & Cashing up...

Do you remember this?

It was a birthday present a few years ago from my oldest friend...  it even came with a few notes bobbling around inside...the same friend who has very kindly insisted on buying us our "proper" toilet  - as a "boat warming present" costing in the region of £800... accepting it however is troubling our conscience as it's such a lot of money....   I'd have to wash a lot of pots to earn that! - I make that reference as it's how we became friends, some 25 years ago when I began working in her fathers pub as a pot washer.   There's been a lot of water under the bridge (no intentional boating pun here)  since then but we spent a very pleasant evening together in York on Sunday - and (life's responsibility's a side) it felt like we were still young for a lovely few hours.

Speaking (well writing) of 'friends'  - another special one has insisted on paying for 1 of the side doors to be glazed for us as  present...  again we're troubled at accepting another 500 quid gift but DO appreciate the sentiment behind it and hopefully, they'll look something like this.

 I've "borrowed" the photo from Tom & Jan on NB Waiouru - I hope they don't mind...  

They'll make a massive difference to the light inside the boat - especially on dark winters days.

ANYWAY - back to the pot... on Saturday I picked it up to clean ( Andy's parents were on route so we did a quick flick around) and decided it was heavy enough to break open.

Excuse the gammy thumb nail - the result of me walloping it with a different hammer a few weeks ago at work.  

On counting it up, we came to the grand total of £1195

which we were pleasantly surprised about...  I bunged in a fiver from my cars ashtray to round it up.  1200 quid without any savings 'pain'... 

As well as breaking into the pot, we also listed our inflatable hot-tub and a few other things on pre-loved... all of which have sold and added a few hundred quid more to the coffers.  Hopefully enough to cover the cost of the crane hire now so we're back to where we were before we lost our sharers.

It's been 4 weeks  since we've been able to see the boat - we're going over again this coming Saturday so I do hope progress has been made.  I'm taking the conduit I've asked them to hang behind the lining (future proofing) and also the inverter in the hope I can sweet talk Chris into fitting it at a bit of a discount.  I've also emailed ahead to ask him to tot up a final invoice so we know exactly the balance due to be paid shortly.  I THINK the figure I've got in my spreadsheet is correct but it'll be good to get clarification. 

With a bit of luck, we might be able to get an idea whether things are on track for 23rd October... if so, I'll give the transport and crane people a call to pencil in 1 day that week.   We'll also need to sort out the licence and insurance - the latter of which, is (for a change) very good value)...  I'll report back hopefully with photos of progress over the weekend!

Until next time...


Tom and Jan said...

Mark I glanced at the photo of your side hatch and immediately thought... "He's got good taste!" Then I read the rest of the sentence :-)

Quaysider said...

lol - I hope you don't mind... yours WAS the best photo I could find of what we hope we'll end up with.