Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Kitchen Splash-backs and greasy nipples!

Control yourselves - I'll get to the nipples shortly but FIRST:  What a wash out on Saturday... so much for getting some painting done.  WHILST it didn't rain ALL the time... it rained a lot.

In between showers/downpours, I did manage to get the splash-backs out of the car and get them up.

It did occur to me to countersink some nice stainless slotted screws... but in the end, I  went for beige construction adhesive.  It was a little bit of a faff cutting the poplar edging strips to accommodate it but my little cordless multi-tool did a reasonable job.

In hindsight - perhaps I should have also done both ends against the cupboards... hmmf!

Still, it's better than it was before and more importantly, now there is some protection above the hob, Mr BSS man should be happy.

WRITING of Mr. BSS man, I've booked him for the 22nd.  I think everything is OK now - just a couple of labels to put on things such as fuses and the gas locker - otherwise I've ticked everything off the check-list.  Once that,s done, I'll get in touch with the insurance company and increase the cover.  As it stands, I think we're a little low.

The brushed stainless steel disks that surround the fire flue look ok too.

I wasn't sure how big a gap to allow so I did just short of an inch... it looks OK to me!


This is one of the hinges on the doors - I'd not spotted the grease nipples until Andy's dad pointed them out on a recent visit...  and I'd forgotten ALL about them until a conversation with MY mother today when dogs' nipples were brought up (in relation to a litter of 13 puppies she was telling me about  and I asked how many nipples does dog have - only to be told that she's not in the habit of counting dogs' nipples)...

Anyway - I've been around the boat and greased them all tonight.

We're spending this evening on the boat - I've got another hospital visit tomorrow for the next 6 facet joint injections - (this time they're sedating me so I need a responsible adult to escort me home... in the absence of such however, Andy has been press-ganged  volunteered to take and collect me).  SO a relaxing evening on the boat and wake up at whatever time we wake up (it'll be 5.30 for me anyway as my body clock refuses to understand the concept of a lay in) tomorrow.

I'll report back on what I remember!

MEANWHILE - I've got more primer ready, rollers, brushes and white spirit - along with sanding discs and undercoat in anticipation of a dry weekend ahead.

Until next time...

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Naughty-Cal said...

You must have been unlucky with the weather last weekend. We were in West Stockwith not that far from you and didn't get any rain at all!

Looks set to be a great weekend for painting this coming weekend though. Don't forget the sun cream on Sunday!