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Thursday, 27 April 2017

First pump out...

This week, what with trying to get the speedway and racing track packed up and shipped down to Margate, I've not had much energy to do anything much on the boat - to be truthful, my hands are causing so much pain I really should be off work resting them ... THAT'S the trouble with being a work-a-holic (hollic?)  The doc HAD wanted to sign me off for a month and give me morphine to take along with my other pills but that wasn't really a suitable option until the rides were completed... now they are on route, I'll accept the first surgical date offered to me as I really can't go on much longer.

Despite my exhausted/pathetic state, I finally got up the courage to take the boat over to the pump out machine and "test" out my pipework.... the tank was only about half full but I figured it was worth wasting 8 quids worth of capacity in the event something wasn't connected correctly and the pump unable to form a vacuum.

Having duly inserted the card into the machine in the elsan room, I went back to try and see what was happening.  Naively I tried to remove the pipe from the boat and (luckily) was unable to.  At first because I couldn't hear any hissing sounds I thought I'd messed something up but I could see macerated waste passing through the pipe so all was OK.  It only took a couple of minutes to empty the tank so I quickly went back in to put it on pause whilst I connected up the hose to rinse it a bit...

I have to admit to being rather pleased with myself a) NOT to have any leaks and b) not to spill any lol.  It's not even a particularly unpleasant task really.  NEXT time I'll wait until the tank is nearly full and get value for money.

We're having the weekend off chores again and if the weather is nice will take the boat up to Dewsbury... perhaps having a pint in the Leggers - apparently is't changed hands since we were last there.

IF however, the weather IS bad, then we'll go and buy 16 square metres of solid wood flooring and begin fitting that...  given how much pain I'm in, I'm praying for sunshine.

Until next time...

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