Monday, 1 May 2017

4 nights in a row.

Sorry - I can't stop.  Well I could but I've run out of bandwidth on my phone thanks to someone who'll not be named, using it all up watching facebook videos /playing games on-line... ergo, I'm on emergency rations until the 5th when it renews ago.

We've added a day on to the planned long weekend on the boat so tomorrow night when I get bacck to the house (and BT broadband) ater work, I'll do a proper post along wtih various photos...

UNTIL then, I hope you've had a nice long weekend... we have!


Adam said...

Are you guys coming to Crick this year?

Quaysider said...

We're having a year off this time around... the plan is currently to take the boat from here to Skipton and back in the first 2 weeks of June so I'm having a mad push to get it "finished" by then! All being well, Next year we'll have a longer break and come down by boat and join in properly :-)