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Thursday, 25 May 2017

last minute flury of activity...

You may have spotted this mornings quick shot of my latest job - putting the name on.

Rog very graciously passed admiration of my artistic talents...  tempted as I am to keep quiet and let folk believe I can sign write - I can't... I CAN order vinyl lettering over the internet and apply it quite well though lol.

It's temporary...  I was sick of looking at a blank box and having received an astronomical quote to have it done properly,  I thought I'd take a punt and see how it looks.

I think it's ok.

This week, I've mustered all my remaining energy in an attempt to have the boat as finished as it can be before our first cruise.

The seats whilst higher (as planned) are quite hard on the old btm and the sides hard on your back.  SO, I set to and made a few padded seats and back supports using left over bits of wood, foam and leatherette from work.

I've made one for each side along with another back pad for either side rear if you follow.

It DOES make such a difference.

Along with the pads, today I made some more steps for the front cabin - the current ones having been the cut down version of the prototype I made before we got the boat.

Luckily, we had a couple of bits of the chunky wood I used on the rear steps left over so they match.  At the moment, I don't plan to box them in for storage but I've left a gap behind the bottom step to allow for a chuck of wood to slot in if I change my mind.

Once they've had a couple of coats of Morrels they'll look close enough in colour to the ash.... I hope!

As well as steps, tonight I began making a tv cabinet to house the TV ... (obviously) - the plan is to have a shelf under it to fit in the media pc as a while back I ripped our dvd collection and cd collection to store on Hdd....

 I didn't have enough wood to complete it  so tomorrow I'll dig around at work and prepare some for the weekend... it'd be nice to get it done and the wires hidden away.

We'll have had the boat 6 months this coming Sunday.

Until next time...


heather said...

ELLIS :you need a steady hand for that. My husband is going to have to paint 3 swan faces on pedal boats in the next few days or so, for an order for Portsmouth, and his hands are far from good at the moment. I rather think he's putting it off.

Adam said...

I don't know what you call astronomical, but for comparison when we had Briar Rose repainted Andy Russell came from Cheshire to Northants to do the sign writing, as he'd done the original. He put the name and Lord Vernon's Wharf on both sides, the number panel both sides, a scroll on the cabin sides both sides, plus diamonds on the roof, cratch board and bow flashes. He did it all in one (long) day, and it cost us £500. I sometimes suspect that as some sign writers are slower and they charge by the day, you end up paying more for less! I believe once vinyl is on it can be difficult to get off again -- and if it's been on a long time you can still see where it's been.

Anonymous said...

I'm no less impressed knowing it is vinyl. It looks great!
One fine day, when money isn't an issue, a sign written job would be nice, but it looks great until that day comes.
Well done and enjoy the proper 'maiden voyage'.
nb Paneke

Quaysider said...

I wonder if you could get a "wrap" with them on? - they can print all sorts and stick it on these days... might be worth looking into.

Quaysider said...

That seems quite good value in comparison to what I was quoted just for Ellis and the index number ... Time will tell whether sticking the vinyl on will be something we'll regret. Meanwhile though, it is nice coming back and seeing the name on the side.

Quaysider said...

cheers Rog - although I very much doubt if that day will ever come lol.

I suppose i CAN claim credit for selecting the font though ;-)

heather said...

where would I find out? What's the proper name for it? Wouldn't the irregular shape rule it out? It's a moulded head that he's painting, not a panel. If I lived nearer to Stanly F I'd pop down and grill you!

Quaysider said...

ah sorry - for some reason I forgot they were on a 3d object... ignore .that idea - wraps work well on flat panels but not something with tight curves.