Friday, 11 August 2017

450 Hour Service and 'limping Andy'

It was a good job we came back from Leeds on Monday as TUESDAY was a total washout... I dont recall the rain ever stopping... even through Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Andy has been hobbling about since crushing his leg on Saturday and although he DID go to work as usual on Tuesday morning, he ended up coming home after an hour - with an instruction to see the doc.

We ummed and arred about whether to go to A & E but figured if the GP said go, he'd be sent with a letter anyway so might not have to hang around waiting for an xray or whatever.  In the end, the visit to the doc resulted in him being signed off sick for a couple of weeks, with instructions to rest, keep it elevated and take painkillers.

It's gone a bit blacker since I took these photos and as such he's revelling in the misery bravely struggling on... shouting requests!  THING is, on a boat, when someone is sitting with a leg 'up' it's very difficult NOT to knock into it when climbing over to pas through the boat.  SOME of the whaling noises, you'd think I was removing a tooth with no anaesthetic.

ANYWAY - on route back home the other day, I noticed the engine hours were approaching 450 and that triggered a memory it was time to do an oil, oil filter, diesel filter and air filter change... I'd already bought the bits last time so it was just a case of finding them... WHICH as anyone who lives on a boat will tell you, is easier said than done - thing is you see, you "stash" things all over into any nook and cranny they will fit out of sight thinking you'll remember where you put said item when you need it.  TRUST Me - you DON'T!

Once I'd searched high and low cursing for an hour remembered where I'd put the parts, I took a photo for the service history book.... that sort of thing doesn't matter to me but it might to any future owner (I'm sure I've said this before)... and set to in the engine hole.

 What with my bad back and fragile hand, this sort of thing is unpleasant so if there are any dwarfs out there reading this who might be feeling helpful, please get in touch in about 200 hours.  ;-)

Having done this procedure a couple of times, I've worked out it's cleaner to put a plastic bag around the filters before undoing them - resulting in a lot less spillage and an easier clean up.

Having drained the water separator and leaving it to settle, I was pleased to note no sign of any water at all.... I'm a bit surprised as I was convinced there'd be SOME in there...

No matter.  I'd better order another set of filters now so I'm ready for next time... I've still got about 10 litres of the Morris golden film oil left from the big drum so that can wait until the next time.

Now the rain has finally let up (although for how long is anyone's guess) I decided it was time to tackle the rear lockers - we just left them in primer and a bit of rust was already showing through.

After a bit of wire-brushing and hoovering out, I decided to  paint them a nice bright colour so as to make it easier to see/find things when just lifting up the seats...

3 coats each of yellow Hammerite  (smooth) should do the trick!  I'll sort out a neat line when I paint the bow seats...eventually.

BEFORE then, assuming it's not pouring down all day today, I'm planning to do a "proper" equalistion charge (again)... I say "Proper" because having now READ the supplemental manual that came with the inverter charger,  I realised the first time I did it, I had it set to calcium RATHER than on a 4 hour de-sulphication charge ....DOH.  Wish me luck,

Until next time...


Naughty-Cal said...

When using bags to change the oil filters don't use ones with holes!

Been there done that and cleaned that mess up!

KevinTOO said...

Poor boy, how awful for him (oh and obviously more so for you 'Doctor in the house', must be really painful...

All he needs now is a parrot on his shoulder and a shout of 'Oooh Arrr mi hearties'... LOL

Seriously though we hope you are both 'fighting fit' again real soon :)