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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Redundancy Pay... Early!

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather yesterday... I got a text message from my (soon to be ex) boss to say an improvement in his cash-flow means he has been able to pay my redundancy earlier than the due date and has transferred it into my bank account...and emailed me with the details.

On reading the email, it went on to say he'd appreciate me letting him know what else I expect in regards salary payments and also to ask if I could come in to the office soon to go through a few things with him.

It would be churlish of me NOT to try and help him wrap up the residential lettings side of my former employment so I've suggested I walk up there next Wednesday.   I've also suggested if he has the cash available that he might like to pay me August and Septembers pay together next week as a PILON (pay in lieu of notice) so I can be P45'd off at the end of August rather than Sept.... makes no difference to me as my second hand operation is imminent anyway, I'll NOT be employable for another 6-8 weeks.

I've not had a response yet but as it stands, I still intend to go in on Wednesday as offered.

BEFORE then however, I'm going to (assuming the rain passes today as per the weather forecast) do a bit more painting/touching up here and there and then ready the boat... well I say ready, I mean make sure the water tank is full and there is 'space' in the poo blackwater tank for a long weekend.  We've decided to have a run up to Huddersfield on the boat - we'll head off on Thursday afternoon .  We have to be back by Tuesday afternoon as Andy  returns to work on Wed morning...  if the river levels get up and we can't get home,  Andy can get the train home to work and I'll sit it out on the boat until the levels drop and I can return.

REWIND a bit and on Sunday, my oldest friend came down and became our first over-night guest.   She brought diner with her but we ended up in the pub having a (discounted voucher) different meal and a few drinks - succeeded by a moonlight chug to turn the boat and return to the mooring.

The swans seemed quite surprised to see us out and about but the new light certainly proved it's worth...  enough so that I'm going to remove the halogen one and replace it with another led .

The downside of a few glasses of wine and moonlight cruising  was that we forgot to turn OFF the LED one overnight (why no one knocked on the boat to tell us is anyone's guess)  - the result of which was the batteries being rather low on Monday morning...still, on the 'bright side' (get it?) at least it was the LED NOT the halogen!!!

Until next time...


Naughty-Cal said...

How many watts is your LED light to flatten the batteries!!!!!

Quaysider said...

48 I think... it's blooming bright I know that much. I bought it as I HATE the feeling in tunnels of not being able to see - ergo, swtich this thing on and it's like daylight lol. It wasn't JUST the light draining the batteries though - the central heating was on all night too.