Friday, 4 August 2017

The Green- eyed monster...


It's been a busy week here - what with going back and forth to the bungalow to meet folk coming to collect things we've sold for peanuts, a couple of boaty visitors and trying to make progress on the boat.

The weather however has not been very conducive to any outdoor tasks... or rather things I HAVE to do outside as doing them inside would p*** Andy off make a mess.  I have begun (began?) the seats for the bow - just using plywood that  will be painted to match the boat... or rather will be painted to match the boat if we ever get another day that isn't sunshine and showers... alternating every 20 mins!!!

Eventually these will be painted and fitted in the bow... (weather permitting)

Andy has been away visiting family this week so I've been left cat sitting and dog walking...  there's not much left in the bungalow now...(still the piano) and we've made the difficult decision to re home both the cats together... George didn't settle on the boat at all and is visibly distressed whenever the engine is running... we're asking around (as is everyone we know) and will hopefully find a good home for them soon...


SO - the green-eyed monster ....  it was only a brief visit thank goodness (of the monster that is) because as I get older, I'm learning to appreciate what good things we HAVE got rather than not...ON Monday, I was sat, (sitting?) on the back of the boat in a brief dry spell reading my book.  As often happens I noticed a boat's bow coming into my peripheral vision and it wasn't until it was past I realised  I recognised the boat as "Alchemy" with Mike and Christine on-board... I've followed their build blog since the beginning...   A good colour sheme I'm sure you'll agree ;-)

She is a beautiful boat - with a very good quality hull and craftsman fit out... they very kindly gave me the guided tour and it looks even nicer in the flesh than on the blog... You can tell THEIRS was done by people who know what they are doing NOT a ginger idiot an enthusiastic fire-engine blonde amateur.... never the less, they were very kind about my efforts but I'm sure once back on-board their own boat, they'll appreciate it even more.

When they left I came back inside Ellis and sat staring at the TV cabinet... wishing for a while it had been built by their builders... for a while I was narked at myself for not making a better job - whilst I fully intend to have another go that will have to wait until after my other hand is done and better. 

I got a bit cross with myself for feeling jealous of their boat but after a visit from Brynn at the side hatch, talked myself around again to appreciating how lucky we already are.  We may be cash poor but for the first time in (my life certainly) I'm TIME RICH... and many people may never get that luxury.

. . . . . . . 

In a brief spell of dry weather, I managed to get a bit of primer and undercoat on the wood for the bow seats.... THEN it rained again and left a lovely blotchy effect... which rather than sand down, I've decided to leave and call it "none slip".  

On Tuesday another visitor arrived (in the rain)... It was Ross and his Finnish other half ... who's name I can't spell.  They've been on a whilst stop tour on their boat and we've chatted on the Thunderboat forums. 
A strange photo I'm sure you'll agree but she was showing me HIS mobile phone case - yes... a sock... it stops it from getting scratched... it seemed especially funny at the time as we'd had a couple of bottles of falling down juice.

It's Friday now (I really must get back to posting more often) and when Andy returns from his morning chores, were going to set off to Leeds on the boat for the weekend.  It's the Pride march on Sunday and he got roped in (as his shops' token puff) to be present with Sainsbury's who have sponsored the event by the sounds of it...  It's not really my cup of tea but going on the boat will mean we can both have a couple of drinks and perhaps I'll get into the spirit of things... it does at least give us the opportunity to catch up with some friends we don't get to see very often so another silver lining.

Until next time...

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