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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Déjà vu

Any ideas?


MOORING PINS.... or rather 'disappointing mooring pins'.

HOW NAFF are these? - (do put a question mark in a rhetorical question?)

My first mooring stakes/pins arrived yesterday...  now whilst my father has always said "if you can't say something positive about a situation - say nothing",  I'm choosing to ignore him on this occasion.  They really are rubbish looking.  OK so I'm sure they'll do the job but the loops are really feeble  AND nothing like the photo in the advert on Ebay.    

This is one of those occasions when I suppose it's true - you get what you pay for.

SO - later today, I'm going to head in to work and look through our scrap metal pile for some steel bar ... I have a feeling we have a few bits kicking around from a previous job which might be thick enough have a go at my own.

Also on today's list is a visit to screw fix to pick up various things I ordered on line yesterday... such as new steel toe-capped trainers,
some fibre washers
and some  6 inh decking screws
 I want to try  these out for the racing track floor...  IF they work, it will save a lot of time when I begin making the gates (the bits that hold the track off the ground) next week.  The original plan was to make proper joints but given I've got 32   gates, each comprising of 4 vertical supports - driving a few of these in should be enough to hold it together quickly... I hope!

Incidentally - IF you are in need of a pair of steels, then I highly recommend the site trainers above- they're my 3rd pair (they last about 3 months with the work I do) but they ARE flexible enough for crouching down and crawling under fairground rides whilst giving good protection for your toes... AND a bargain at 24.95 inc vat.

Until next time...

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