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Friday, 3 June 2016

The illusive 6 B...

If you've been paying attention, you'll recall we bought the fire-extinguishers from "Fire Solutions Ltd" on Sunday at Crick.  

When I took my shoes and socks off, I discovered we were '6B' Short.

I'd been meaning to call them all week but it's been a bit full on, ordering new materials for the Brooklands track we've just began to  restore - I won't share the delivery date as I break into a cold sweat just thinking about... writing it down might tip me over the edge.

ANYWAY... I phoned them this morning - finding  the number was easy enough as it was  blazoned all over the material bags they gave us.  Having left a message with whomever (whoever?) answered the phone, I doubted my call would be returned.

I was wrong.

The chap - called "Greg"  was very amenable and explained there must have been a mistake/ambiguity regarding the BSS regulations.  He then offered to send me a 1kg FREE of charge -  I suggested I was happy to return 1 of them in exchange but he wouldn't hear of it... insisting that a mistake had been made and they wanted to put it right.

Assuming the extra one DOES actually arrive through the post, I'll be over the moon AND it demonstrates the fact they were NOT taking the **ss or trying to do us over.  

Well done chaps -  It's really appreciated.

STILL no sign of that ruddy anchor though... time to launch a case with ebay !

Nothing boating related on the cards for the weekend - Sunday is my birthday (44th eek) and we're having a posh lunch out with my parents, brother (and wife and kids) - the lunch is actually to acknowledge my fathers 70th' back in March but this Sunday was the 1st time we could all get together... I don't really "do" birthdays but if anyone should wish to send a gift, a Morso stove would be nice... or maybe the  toilet tank kit on the Lee san website.... alternatively, just drop me a note and I'll send you my paypal email address details ;-)   - I can dream lol.

Until next time...

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