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Friday, 17 June 2016

Discount, Just for asking...

Today I'm feeling rather pleased with myself.  Why?  - well, because the other evening when I was looking at those silver lights from Aten lighting,  I decided (before ordering) to drop them a message using their contact form asking if they'd be prepared to give me a discount for buying 23.

This morning, I found an email back from them offering a 17% discount on the price AND including p&p.

I've just paid the paypal invoice so the lights should arrive in due course.  It does of course mean we'll have to eat dust for another week but I've put on a bit of blubber since we finished the chair-o-planes anyway...

WHILE I'm here, let me share my latest "longer term" money saving purchase for the boat.

A Solar shower to hang on the side for those lazy summer days when you're moored in the middle of nowhere and don't want to run the engine to get some hot water.  In THEORY you just fill it with water, hang it on the side of your boat and let the sun heat it up.

I stole the idea from another blog/newsletter I read and Paul (the bloke who writes it) says it works just fine for him.

Having filled it all I can say is that he must be a) very strong and b) have a very robust "hooking point" in his shower cubicle as it's blooming heavy.

That said, I do like the idea of saving an hours engine running and I'll give it a bash.... with maybe only 10 litres. Perhaps trying it out at home first to see if it's worth the faff... in fact, I may just shower where it's hanging in the garden and give Edna next door a treat ;-) 

Until next time...


TonyT said...

I can see a bit of a problem here with the shower. You need to hang it above you for the water to come out? Have you got enough headroom in the cubicle. I would think probably not. Alfresco showers?

Quaysider said...

lol - spot on ... I discovered this myself when I gave it a trial run a few weeks ago. I'd half filled it (boy it's heavy) and hung it on our south west facing wall for the day... whilst the water WAS hot enough to use, it was impossible to hang it up to do so... even in the shower cubicle in the house. At best (with a strong hook somewhere in the boat shower) you might be able to use it "continental style" but it's a slow dribble and will take an age to rinse off the soap. OH well - it was only a thought after all