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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Rubber Fenders... a missed bargain.

Now you may remember, on Sunday's shopping list were side fenders.  In an ideal world, we'd have lovely handmade rope ones... BUT as usual, our budget is dictating otherwise - no matter, 6 rubber ones will suffice... in fact, they may actually look fine against the eventual grey/black and 'another colour', colour scheme.

I can't recall exactly WHY we didn't buy them from Crick - Midland Chandlers had them in their tent and although priced at a fiver each, when asked, they agreed to do them for £4.50 - anyone would think I was a Yorkshireman!

Having gone to their website just now to order them, I find NOW they're £8.50 each  so I'm a bit miffed at myself for not getting them on Sunday - hey ho.

Having googled for a bit,  it turns out Ebay (other auction sites are available) is your friend...  or more accurately, a seller called "boatropefender" - aka Brian McGuigan.... he's selling 6 for £37.95 - which of course is £1.82 a fender MORE than I could have paid but £2.17 LESS than I nearly had to pay.

Its miserable all this looking at the cost of everything...  it is however, very important as that 12 quid could go towards the cost of a pump out... I hate money - or rather the lack of it.  I read so many "proper boaters" blogs and everyone else seems to be much better off than we are.... it's difficult not to be disheartened when looking at other people's boats and lives... (btw - don't berate me for inappropriate use of the possessive apostrophe - my education was somewhat lacking in certain areas)  the green-eyed monster keeps rearing his ugly head and as much as I try to keep him in his box, from time to time he does escape... it's not like we don't already work every hour to pay our way and save up - our lives seem to be on hold whilst we scrape every penny we can together to pay for the boat and associated paraphernalia.

We'll get there in the end... and when we do, we WILL spend the first night "camping" on Ellis with a bottle of bubbly to celebrate - something we USED to do (drink bubbly that is) quite regulary but these days, we're hard pressed to waste a couple of quid on a mcflurry - it does make the daily toil seem never ending but needs must.

Meanwhile, we shall await Mr Postman bringing the next items for the bottom drawer lol - which reminds me, STILL no sign of that anchor I ordered so I'll  have to chase that.  Something else I've forgotten to do is phone the fire-extinguisher people to check whether that missing 6 b will be a problem.

Until next time...


Adam said...

At least by buying from Brian you're keeping trade truly on the water, as he runs fuel boat Alton:

Quaysider said...

True - my dad always said "pay a bit more but buy local"... something I should perhaps try and do I suppose.

TonyT said...

I got my rope ones from a chap called Doug in Doncaster. He charged me £50 for 10 because I collected from Armthorpe. If you haven't got them yet I would hang on. He will relist when he comes back from his cruising sometime in June.

TonyT said...

This was the listing. Drop him a message.

Quaysider said...

Thanks muchly for these Tony... although having paid and had an email saying the rubber ones have been dispatched, the rope ones will now be moved to my Christmas list - assuming I'm a good boy, Santa may send me some :-)