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Friday, 24 June 2016

Towpath transport?

Now it's been rumoured I have the word "mug" tattooed  on my forehead...  I am not expressing an opinion!

That would have been a first :-)

...  no - what I will say however is that sometimes you have to investigate something, in order to dismiss it.  ... ...  What am I babbling on about? ...  ahem, introducing the hover board... aka, a segway.

IT's fab!

OK - I'm a 44 year old bloke but that doesn't mean I can't have fun... or get down with the kids - more to the point though, SHOULD I actually get down... getting back up again would be the problem given the state of my back and knees.

Gav at work (he's got a 13 year old daughter) brought in his /her hoverbord for me to try out.  I've been thinking about getting us a couple for use on the boat... you know, for a trip to Sainsburys along the towpath or whatever and given the opportunity to try before I buy (for once) it seemed a good idea.

I'm a natural - no really!  I have to confess  though that it's not the first time I've been on a segway ...Andy and I went on a segway tour (the big ones with handles) around Lisbon... up into the old town a couple of years ago whilst in port on a cruise we were on.   I did have a bit of a disaster, involving an old Portuguese lady who stepped out in front of me which resulted in rather spectacular falling off and rather a heated exchange of rude words - in foreign!  As I don't speak (or understand) Portuguese, I tried my best attempt at school boy French and Spanish apologies -  (Je Suis Desole and Lo Siento)... in the hope she'd get the gist...  judging from how long she screamed at me, I think it fell on deaf ears

SO - here is a quick video to show you my skill at navigating around the back of the sofa:

I think you'll agree I'm fabulous at it!

JOKING a side however, having since taken it outside, I've discovered even a hosepipe or paving slab at a different height causes at best, quite a wobble or (and more likely for a ginger person) a face plant !

SUFFICE to say, the trial has been successful and we shall NOT be getting a couple for the boat... back to plan A - the Bromptons... not so sexy or fun but a lot more practical.

Until next time...


Tom and Jan said...

Why didn't you give us your blog name and link? NB Ellisis now on our blog list! We look forward to reading about the build.
Tom & Jan
nb Waiouru

Quaysider said...

I'm presuming you have trouble sleeping Tom - Glad to be of help ;-)