Sunday, 7 January 2018

850 Hour Service...obvious signs and banana pancakes.

I can't believe how quickly the engine hours mount up - The service schedule for the Canaline 42 engine is oil and oil filter ever 200 hours... fuel and air filters every 400 hours... coolant change at 500 hours PLUS the usual greasing, checking of belts/hoses etc.

Personally, I think 200 hours is a bit too frequent - certainly for an engine that DOESN'T spend a lot of time idling... US preferring to chug around to charge batteries and heat water etc.

STILL, whilst it's under warranty (still 18 months ish left) we're sticking to the book - hence I keep taking these boring necessary  photos of hours and new filters etc.... it'd be better if I'd cleaned the lens a bit though  as it's hard to see the hours without squinting...

Anyway - this time it was fuel, oil and air filters... and a different oil.  I HAD been using the Morris golden film as it was the only one I could find to meet the spec API CC - turns out, if I'd read the manual a bit more closely, I'd have noticed we could use API CC/CD - ergo, some stuff more easily obtainable.

So it's done for another 200 hours - although I HAVE got the next 2 sets of filters and 1 change of oil already in my shed engine hole... WHICH incidentally isn't big enough to reach things comfortably  - since doing the service, my back and knees are killing me from being haunched in uncomfortable positions.  

Having cleared up my mess and taken the waste oil to the tip (well I say that - in all honesty it's in the boot of Andy's car ready to go next time someone is passing)  I decided to experiment in the kitchen with a couple of bananas that would otherwise have been destined for the bin

The most simple of ingredients:  2 bananas, 2 eggs and a drop of oil (the Strawberries and yoghurt were an after thought)...  

Just mash the bananas, whisk in the eggs and spoon into a frying pan.  Turn once VERY carefully as they are quite fragile and voilà - Coeliac friendly - neither of us are gluten free but it occurred to me the other day we might get a coeliac on the boat and have to work out what to feed them on.* ponders whether or not I need to find something else or just repeat daily*... 😀

Rallied by my successful light lunch, I then began vandalising to put up the pointless sign-age required for the non-private BSS.

IF you are so stupid, you cant remember there is a final exit point at either end of the boat this should help you...


Until next time...


Naughty-Cal said...

If you think your 200 hour engine oil and filter service schedule is daft try our Volvo Penta 100 hour intervals!

Luckily we have got the price down to about £30 a change but it is still a stupidly short change interval.

Quaysider said...

OUCH - Mick on the boat behind, does his twice a year... whether it needs it or not! (or was that showering?)... Still, the whole point of getting "new" was so we'd know it'd been looked after so I suppose I should (as the Canadaians say) "just suck it up".

Naughty-Cal said...

Even though we think it is a silly interval we still change it as per the servicing schedule. Better to be safe then sorry I suppose.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Good morning from NZ (nb Waka Huia is up on the hard in Debdale currently and we are coping with a very warm summer ...)
Our Lister Petter requires, according to the manual and the company, an oil change every 100 hours. And we have been faithful to that until partway through 2017, when a friend who has a trucking company here in NZ showed David how to check the state of the oil. There are two things to watch for and both are done by putting a little of the oil from the dipstick on a finger.
1. If you can see your fingerprint through the drop of oil, it is still in good condition and doesn't need to be changed.
2. If, when you then smear the oil across your finger, you can see or feel gritty bits, then it is definitely time for an oil change.
Paul also told us that the Morris's oil we use is not as good/protective as the oil bought from automotive shops/garages. This coming season we are going to buy some Caltex oil and try that out.

By the way, we extended the time between changes to 150 hours and could probably have left it longer, using Paul's advice, but using a pump to get it out with isn't too big a deal - especially as I am 5'1" and can fit down beside the engine quite easily ...
Cheers, Marilyn

Pip and Mick said...

Our Beta 43 requires an oil change every 250 hours which isn't too bad. I would however baulk at having to change the coolant every 500 hours. I was told by the boat builder that our coolant should last 5 years!
We also had a diesel leak caused by me over tightening the bolt that holds the in line filter/separator together. You live and learn.

Mick NB Oleanna.