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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Tight pants and bargain Hotel stay...

I know, I know... the pants thing is getting old now but having to wear compression undies 24/7 is quite a task...I won't go into specifics, suffice to say, getting the "bits" into them without hurting, is like eating blancmange of a plate - with your hands tied behind your back!  *very impressed with spell check there... I had NO idea how to spell blancmange*...

This recovery process is going to be slow and painful - for all.

When I picked him up from Hospital on Sunday night, rather than go back to the boat, I figured a night in a hotel might be a better idea... given that if I needed to call for an ambulance, it would be easier to find the hotel postcode than the towpath one. 

Anyway - as it happened, I'd already been looking around and found a twin room with a bath at the Ramada in Wakefield for £31.50 for the night... BARGAIN.  Clean, comfortable and at least he could have a soak in a cool bath. 

That seemed to do him the power of good and after an 11 hour sleep, Monday didn't seem so bad.  We had to call in to work to drop in the sick note from the hospital and then back to the boat to rest. 

In hind sight, perhaps he'd have been better of back in bed than in the recliner as by 1.30am he was back in agony again - despite the painkillers...  I think it's fair to say that Opiates don't agree with him... turning him into a complete an utter monster.  Apparently "take the pills and get on with it" is NOT in the nursing manual - who'd have thought? ;-)

After an extra dose of pills, I believe he fell asleep  - I say believe as I went off to crew quarters so as not to kill him myself to let him rest undisturbed.

This morning, having woken him up to take the antibiotics, laxatives and painkillers, he's under orders to stay laying down whilst I go stock up the boat in anticipation of our impending adventure.  Mainly tins, soft drinks etc... things that are heavy to carry on foot if you follow.  It's only 1 week today until our Maiden voyage and then a few days after that until we set sail (chug) for Liverpool.  VERY exciting. 

We're hoping by then, he'll be able to stand up long enough to cook something and perhaps negotiate locks whilst I crew for  a change.  The good thing is, we'll have willing helpers so it will probably be fine - worse case scenario, I'm going to be very tired for a few weeks but given my work history, it'll be fine... it's an adventure whatever.

Right - I'm off.  Sorry no photos. ONCE I get back from shopping, I'm going to fit a aluminium plate to the hatch runners then paint them... we've managed without until now and WAS going to get brass strips... that was until I got the price for them.  PLAN B is screwfix anodised aluminium - all in for 20 quid.  I'm not going  tap a thread either... I'm going to use sikaflex... it's the best thing I've come across so far.

Until next time...

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