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Monday, 16 April 2018

Saltaire by boat and an emergency toilet repair...

After a pleasant evening  playing Rummikub and nattering, yesterday morning dawned with no sign of the previous evenings sunshine...  in fact, from the sounds of it, rain had been falling all night.

The towpath was sodden, and definitely a chill in the air.

Un deterred (and once the fire was lit) we set off towards Shipley.  Not a very pretty cruise but interesting in it's own way I suppose.  Certainly if you want a bike

Saltaire by contrast is a more welcoming place - yet almost connected... and whilst the visitor moorings by Salts Mill are only for  6 hours, we did manage a look around the town before moving on to the outskirts for the night - in preparation to tackle the Bingley 3 and 5 rise this morning.

Before we moved on however, I had to attempt a toilet repair...  the solenoid was sticking again and allowing fresh water to continually leak into the bowl.

There was only one thing for it... a search on You-tube.

And what do you know - a lovely American chap, explaining how to remove and clean a sticking diaphragm within the solenoid ... I  WAS going to get on to Leesan this morning and order a new one but given the time it would take to come and logistical problem of collecting it from somewhere, I decided it was worth a go.

I'm pleased to report that with a little gentle cleaning with a cotton bud and a spray with silicone lube, it's now working perfectly again....well as good as it ever did!


Right - I can't stay here nattering... we've Bingley 3 and 5 rise to tackle this morning...

Until next time...

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