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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

1 more sleep...

Well, today I've had the final call confirming everything is happening tomorrow... the boat will be lifted onto the truck "sometime" in the  morning... the truck will arrive "sometime" and the crane will lift it off into the water "sometime" - how lovely and precise... .not in the least bit vague and difficult for someone who likes to be organised.

Apparently I'll get used to this vagueness.  I hope so.

I've finally managed to get the hang of the rope splicing/tucking bit...

The anchor one doesn't look as neat I'll grant you but by the time I'd done the side fender thingys' I was more into the swing of it...  I've been looking around trying to find things that need a loop on the end lol.

In the post today came a few more cordless additions to my tool kit - usually I buy makita but at Christmas I bought a cheaper ebrauer drill from screwfix and have been quite impressed with it... SO yesterday, I added a cordless angle-grinder, circular saw and jigsaw to my kit - they all use the same batteries and now I have 4 of them (and 2 chargers) so I can leave one on the boat and one in the house.

The angle grinder will be used tomorrow to shorten the chain for the front and rear buttons.

I THINK we're all set...


Paid the boat builder the balance,

Tipped the joiner,

Paid the crane man,

Have the cash for the haulier,

Licensed, registered and insured the boat,

Bought the "crt Key",

Filled 2 gerry cans with diesel,

Sorted out chains and d-shackles for the buttons,

Got the ropes ready,

Fitted the wooden handle into the tiller bar,

Got a hose-pipe and connectors,

Got the side fenders ready,

Got the windlasses out of the attic along with the fire-extinguishers (just in case) and 101 other things!

After work tonight, I also went up to the mooring and asked Mick and Claire (on the boats either side of where we are fitting in), to shuffle up a bit - offering to do it for them tomorrow if they cant be arsed tonight... I hope they DO it themselves though.

Next on the list is a good nights sleep... I wonder what the chance of that one is?

Watch this space !

Until next time...


Herbie Neil said...

Good luck, I hope it all goes well. I look forward to the next blog.
Kath (nb Herbie)

TonyT said...

Good luck for your today. Hope it all goes well.

Phil said...

Good luck I think I am as excited as you

nb Chance said...

Good luck guys hope it all goes well today! Doug & James x