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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Time dragging...

It feels like forever since I was last here ... on the ... er 10th lol.  Oh well.

Can it really only be 2 days ago?... hmmmf.  Oh well,

It's all go this week with deliveries... the rest of the radiators arrived yesterday - in a change from our plan, we went for Type 21's instead of 22s to save a few inches.

Wickes had a "sale" on-line and what with my trade discount there, they ended up the cheapest place to buy them - the exception being the 30 cm high by 140cm wide one (foot of the bed) which they didn't sell.

Also arriving yesterday were the 2 x 15 m 16mm black centre lines (that's a bit of a mouthful isn't it?) and this thing:

Any ideas?

It's a bilge alarm... JUST in case.  I know most folk don't bother with them, but given the bilge pump is manual (our choice) - with an automatic one, it's hard to "know" it's working... until it does if you follow.  At least with a manual one, you can check it daily and be assured it's operational.   THAT said, there is always the possibility you forget to turn the stern greaser and don't go anywhere for a few days whilst the engine bilge slowly fills with water.  This thing has 2 wires you attach to the side a little bit apart and when if water reaches them, it completes the circuit and triggers the alarm.  No doubt it will become faulty at 3am at some time in the future but for now, we'll sleep safer knowing it's keeping an eye out for us.

Today when I arrived home from work, on the step were various other items:

I'm a bit miffed the tiller bar isn't drilled though - I know it's only a hole but I'm bound to scratch it when I drill it out...  the anchor btw is NOT the one I ordered 3 months ago... for some reason, the seller cancelled that order and refunded me. This is a 14kg danforth from Limekiln again along with 3 meters of VERY heavy chain.  I had hoped to have ago at splicing the 12mm red rope I ordered to attach to the chain tonight but alas, that didn't arrive - I suppose it will leave a bit more excitement for another day.

Writing of excitement... remember how happy I was with the collapsible bucket? - well we now have another addition to the collapsible family:

Ta dah - 1 colander.

In none-shopping related news, last night I insured the boat  and then called CRT (with the information on the certificate of conformity to hand) to apply for the index number and license it. 

 Apparently, they make a charge for the index number unless you license it at the same time...  so I licensed it (for circa £840 quid including the 10% prompt payment discount, only to find the licence runs from the 1st of the month (ie October) so given we don't get it until the 27th, a 'wasted month' really... oh well - without it being licensed, the insurance would have been invalid on delivery anyway so it was unavoidable.

Tomorrow the rest of the windows (for the house) are due to arrive and subject to the weather, we'll fit 1 after work and the remaining ones over the weekend.    This means we won't be able to go over and check on progress on the boat until the handover on Sat 22nd... well I say handover - more a run through on trust the outstanding work WILL be completed when it arrives on the lorry the following Thursday.  We've got to go to the solicitors to sign our wills that morning so the first we'll see of it will be at the marina here when it arrives.  Exciting and terrifying in equal measure ;-)

Until next time...


Sue said...

............BREEAAATHE..... Nearly there. Sleep, you need sleeeeeeeeeep! :)

Adam said...

I don't think a tiller bar would ever be drilled through, because the chances of matching the holes in the tiller itself would be minimal. In fact, I'd be surprised if your tiller was drilled either. You need to put the bar on, then drill through the whole lot together -- and unless you can get the hole right in the middle and absolutely vertical, the holes won't line up with the bar on 'upside down'!

Quaysider said...

Ah - that makes sense... I was thinking it'd NEVER line up... I mean, I'm good with a drill but I'm ginger after all ;-)

I've been taking a good look through all the photos I've taken - plenty of the swan neck but NONE from the right angle so I suppose we'll find out a week on Saturday - meanwhile, BACK to window fitting in the dark!

Catherine VK4GH said...

If you end up drilling the hole through without being on the bar, you can put masking tape over the area where the hole is going to be, and this helps protect the surface from scratches. You tape the approx area first and then "dry fit" and mark where the hole goes.

Quaysider said...

a bit like drilling through tiles... I learned that the hard way to! ;-)

Quaysider said...

I thought I was making heading way in the calm department... THAT was until I tried splicing a rope to my anchor chain... back to the drawing board with that one lol.

Quaysider said...

I thought I was making heading way in the calm department... THAT was until I tried splicing a rope to my anchor chain... back to the drawing board with that one lol.