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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Exhausted Youngsters...

I can't believe it's Easter already. The year is just flying by now... although not quickly enough for our liking - It's a little over 2 months now since we placed the order for the boat...  THAT side of life, feels to be going much slower.

You may remember a short while ago I had a little rant about losing spring and summer to "work" - well the first proper casualty to  this project has been Easter.  We're already working Saturdays in a bid to try and meet the delivery dates...  Well Good Friday and Easter Saturday have been stolen to the project too.

We tried to make the best of things though by going up to my dad's to collect the final batch of cars he and my neice have been spraying for the Brooklands ride.  Rather nice I'm sure you'll agree and it's good to get them all safely on the shelving ready for when I get the chassis completed.

I'm a bit brassed off about it as you might gather because, being salaried, I don't get any additional money for doing additional hours - I never have done... I "simply" have to put in whatever time is necessary to get the job done.  This irks me each and every time I look up at work, to find the "lads" texting their nearest and dearest - multiple times each hour during the working day whilst THEY are getting paid by the hour...

I'm even MORE narked at the moment because yesterday morning - 3.54 am to be precise - the "new lad apprentice" sent me a text message saying " Hi mate . I'm not feeling too well...'think I'm over exhausted and currently throwing up"

This was followed by another a minute or so later saying"but it's Easter so shouldn't be too much a problem?"

This "kid" (19 year old) is only in week 4 of his 3 month trial - and whilst I accept Easter Saturday was an optional extra day for him... it was already his second no show.... the first being last week when his "dog had puppies".   WHAT are you to do? - I know things are different these days, but back when I began full time work (27 years ago eeek) I had to wait 6 months before I was allowed to take a days holiday... and I certainly wouldn't have dared contact my boss at 4am to say I was exhausted,,,  ffs, HOW on earth can a 19 year old be exhausted after just 3 weeks working?  IT's not even as if the kid has even gotten out of 1st gear yet either.

HOW do you motivate someone to get off their lazy arse and work faster ? - we don't subscribe to bullying or ridiculing but when you've already tried "carrot over stick", what do you do next?

The amusing part to this is that I keep hearing myself saying... or at least 'thinking' - "when I was his age, I had a full time AND part time job, dashing around fitting in a social life which would include, gym visits, ten-pin bowling, ice-skating and swimming...  the youth of today!"

OH dear - this has turned into another rant - when I got up (5.45am as normal - even on Easter Sunday) I HAD intended to write about 12v  boat electrics... I'm not in the mood for that now.  Perhaps a strong coffee and bacon sarny will put me back on track.


I'm racking my brains what photo I can post to accompany this entry in the diary...

AS I don't have one of 19 year olds being lazy, I've looked back to more jovial times and picked one of us looking smart on our last Scandinavian cruise - I still write to the old bird in the centre (ish)...She's called Valerie and personality wise, she's a doppelgänger of Pam Ayres... our table was usually the last to leave the restaurant as a result.

That was back in the days when we could afford... or rather justify "cruises".  They're on stop now until we have finished paying for the boat.

HAPPY EASTER everyone.

Until next time...

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