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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My new Wellies...

Now then folks - yes, I know new wellies don't have a lot  to do with boating as such but I wanted to share them with you.

Introducing "The original Muck Boot Company's" best product:

Muck boots.

I bought these on the recommendation of an American lady who's weekly newsletter I read...  she swears by them.   Having walked over 6 miles in their inaugural outing - I have to agree with her.

They have to be the most comfortable, warm wellies I've ever owned... they need to be mind at a few pence short of 100 quid in my size!

YES - I know that's steep for wellies but trust me - it is money well spent.  The liner is a one piece moulding, made from the stuff wet-suits are made from.  In short, it's lovely.  The operating temperature range is minus 30 degrees c to plus 10.

IT was just above freezing on Sunday morning when I road-tested these... we did another section of the Wakefield Way - walk number 2 this time.

Starting from the car park at Newmillerdam the walk takes you around 1 side of the lake and into the woods

The saunter didn't really warrant my new wellies yet but it was nice not to worry about what I was standing in - the walk being a favourite haunt of local dog walkers...  

After the lake, it took us into the woods and then across a planted field.  ME being a country boy, felt obliged to walk around the perimeter... others are NOT so noble as you can see from the photo.

I know that the public right of way IS across the field... and that at some point in the past, there would have been a hedgerow here but farmers DO have to make a living so it's easier on my conscience to walk around than across - I'll leave the other walkers to make up their own minds.

Once across (round in our case) this field, the walk took us across another one... having done this walk a while back however, we knew it was a bit pointless going UP - as in about 300 yards (298 metres - ish for our European counterparts) you come back down on yourself and cross the beck again.

Taking the route along side the beck, did mean I could make proper use of the new foot wear...  perfect!

I'm not sure if you can see from the photos, but "someone" has been making a good effort of clearing out the beck and sides... presumably to prevent this property along side further up from flooding.  WE came across this lovely hamlet alongside the beck ... given the new drainage that appeared to be mid installation, the dredging/clearance was long overdue.

The right of way, sneaked behind the houses and through a couple of fields, into a planted up field...  100 bonus points if anyone reading can tell me what is growing - I'll give you a clue ... Wakefield is famous for it's "triangle"...

The route took us on to the golf course - it's quite a long way across, watching out for balls coming your way... I don't think the players appreciate walkers much but we were courteous none the less.

When we exited the course, we came down the hill and back to the starting point at Newmillerdam.

I'm not sure if you can make out the route from the map, but I've posted a screen shot of the Endomondo record.  

btw- I don't hold with "apps" for the sake of them but I've been using this one from Endomondo for a few years now - it's free (or rather the version I use is) and it maps your walking/running/cycling etc using your phone's's very useful for recording how far you walk and calories burned etc.

Just over 6 miles in new wellies... perfect.

Until next time...


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