Thursday, 3 May 2018

Family Crisis, modified plans and help from a stranger.

I've no photos to post today - just a quick update really so folks know where we are.

My dad has been enduring a long-term condition for a while now and at the weekend took ill.  In the end, after several days STILL at home in agony -he ended up in hospital having emergency surgery and remains in icu on a ventilator.

Now dad is a pragmatist (a bit like me) and whilst I know my mother would really appreciate me being around right now, HE'd be furious we put our new business  on hold so early on.  Having spoken with both mother and the hospital, whilst my initial plan HAD been to get a taxi home to pick up my car to make sure she's OK at home etc. then return to the boat, we decided to head off to Liverpool early -  for the better/easier train links etc.

When the bolts arrived at the post office yesterday afternoon (thank you ebay and "post restante"), we set off from Rose grove a little before 4pm... NOT the wisest of plans and we'd half an idea to moor in Blackburn at the bottom of the locks.

Having descended them in almost darkness (and looked around) we decided it wasn't a place we'd feel comfortable mooring... ergo, we put the lights on and chugged on for a while to Cherry Tree - where we tied up in front of a block of flats and some nice houses on the off side.

Having booked the Liverpool link yesterday for Saturday am, on sleeping (well tossing and turning all night) We've decided that there is JUST too much ground to cover ... including the Wigan flight.  SO this morning, I've cancelled it and we're going to plod on at our normal speed.

We've amended the website in case anyone decides to try and book the next 3 cruises (as we'll NOT be where we were supposed to be until our next pre-booked guests join us in a few week) but will still be able to offer shorter breaks in the general area if we get any interest.

MEANWHILE - having posted a comment on Thunderboat, I got a really lovely message from a fellow boater moored in Burscough (which we'll end up tomorrow night) to offer loan of his car and/or lifts if required.

Aren't people good?

I've set wheels in motion for a telecare/lifeline system to be installed at my parents house and have arranged with my niece to be there when they do it - so as to be able to explain it to my mum.

They'll still have to nominate someone local who can respond quickly but at least she'll have the comfort of knowing that someone is on their way to assist if she dad usually being around to get her back on her feet - and even when he does get home (which could be a long while) he'll not be able to do anything that might harm the surgery.

Until next time...

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