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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Contractual Amendments...

Last evening, on the canalworld forums, I spotted a post asking for recommendations for IFAs.  Well, in my most recent former line of work, my main customer base were the aforementioned.

A couple, approaching retirement were seeking advice - ideally in the west midlands area and as happens, I know just the company.  I wont go into details here, but the basis of my recommendation was NOT on my experience of their financial ability... but on my knowledge of them as people...  I've worked in and amongst the key operators AND their employees for many years and without a shadow of a doubt, trust their integrity - in short, I'd happily buy "them" or rather what they stand for, their commitment and desire to do the best they can for their clients.

Why am I babbling on about this? well last night -21.44 to be be precise, an email popped into my in box with an amended contract attached.  Basically it was from the boat builder and he'd taken into account  my request for the prm150 gearbox and also altered a couple of other things too.  My point? - well it's back to buying "people"... Receiving that email, when most of the working world has given in for the day, was an affirmation we'd made the right decision when choosing builders.

The modern day world is full of people, all trying to get the most for their money by researching every little purchase they make on the internet or trying to get something from China for buttons.  Whilst I totally understand this can be acceptable - sometimes the "price" of something or rather VALUE of something is in the little things... and for us, that email last evening has engernered even more positive feelings.  Of course it's very early on in this process to be singing praises but you have to look through good eyes  sometimes or the world can seem a miserable place!

I've not much else to report  really today - oh btw,  yesterdays hospital visit went well. The consultant confirmed they'd got all little skin cancer out and to basically spend the rest of my life wearing factor 50... it'll be like sunbathing under  a sheet!    The plastic surgeon was a lovely chap though - very up beat and in his words "if you're going to get a type of skin cancer - this is the one to hope for"...

SO if you have anything that looks like this lurking on your person,
get it checked out and taken off - don't be surprised at how much skin around the area they need to take though - my lump was only about butter bean sized but they cut out about 4 inch circle and then pulled it all back together.  It was a bit tight for a while and I couldn't lift much for  a month or so (although with my knackered back that was no different to normal really) but the plus side was a complimentary/accidental neck lift!!!

Until next time...

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